Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Master of my Domain

I have made the plunge. It's official. Yesterday was the big day. I actually paid the $10 annual domain fee so now the domain name is MINE! I have officially dropped the ".blogspot." like a bad pill habit to become the master of my domain.

[Tangent:I love the Seinfeld reference....if you can't tell by using it three times already in this blog and it only being the introductory paragraph. I will stop now, because if I learned anything in 10th grade drama class it's "the first time, its funny. The second time its funnier. The third time its redundant." I don't want to find out what the fourth time brings. I fear its plague or locusts]

My logic is as follows: I can easily blow $10 impulse buying products in the Target $1 aisle (one of my biggest vices), so this seems like more lasting investment than holiday post-its, pet toys or flimsy gift bags.

I really thought long and hard about my blog title. I even called my sister, Kelly, very stressed one day because I was trying to think of something witty to call it. The conversation went as follows

Me: I am thinking about starting a blog. I want to use the word 'Pith' in the title but somehow make it a play on words with 'piss' like "get pithy" or "pithed off"

Kelly: I don't know. I don't think people will get it or know what 'pithy' means.

Me: It means succinct and witty and full of meaning....don't people know that?

Kelly: Probably not...and I think when you tell people the title, they will just think you are saying 'piss' but have an awkward lisp.

That ended that line of thought, I was then grasping for names. Apparently what I thought was clever was not. I settled on 'that girl in the wheelchair' because that is what I am...not saying that's all I am (because as a friend once told me I "have a mojo which doesn't allow me to just be that"), but it's always been the fastest way to pinpoint me in conversation.

If someone says, "oh which one is Kimmie?" and you answered "you know the eyes...wears glasses sometimes...sparkling personality"... the person inquiring would just blankly stare at you because your generic description would would have only slightly narrowed down the pool of women in the area. Though not particularly PC, "that girl in the wheelchair" immediately results in a lightbulb. "Oh, yeah I know her!"

When I was growing up, I really was the only girl in a wheelchair in my age group, hometown and peer group, so its kind of how I came to be known. I don't mind it. Its not offensive, its a time saving frame of reference. It would be harder for you to say "that girl with the ridiculous knowledge of 90s TV shows" or "That girl who owns an ungodly amount of ballet flats."

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