Monday, July 5, 2010

My body is 90% Theraflu

I am going stir crazy. Its a lovely day and I have the day off. I should be outside getting sun poisoning or getting swarmed by mosquitos. Instead, I am inside watching Newman, my puppy, drag a giant stuffed bear wearing a vest around, stopping intermitantly to hump it [TANGENT: I am not sure where he finds these things...he has a way of dragging things out that have not been thought about in decades. Because of his sleuth skills- I have rediscovered a lot of items in my closet. He's helpful like that]. I have bounced all weekend from feeling like my sinus cavities were filled with liquid death mixed with maple syrup to tweaking out on various types of cold remedies. By the way- I have ingested an entire bottle of theraflu in 2 days and now even my sweat is cherry scented. Is that too much info? Likely.

Because of this I have done a lot of laying around and movie watching. I discovered something about myself in the process. When faced with the decision to either watch a new movie or watch a movie I have seen 100 times, I almost always pick the latter. [In fact this weekend marks the 9304204320839203th time I have seen Man in the Moon, Clueless and Good Will Hunting. And yes...I still cry a the "gotta go see about a girl scene" in Good Will Hunting and always mouth along to the "it does not say RSVP on the statue of liberty" scene in Clueless]

I like the familiarity of it. Its refreshing when you're sick to not have to put on airs with a new movie. You can just come in and the middle and not have to pay that close attention, because you know how its all gonna shake down. Its almost like deciding whether to hang out with your best friend or go out on a blind date. One you know you will love, but with the other you are taking a chance for complete disappointment.


  1. 2 posts down and hundreds to go. Keep writing.

  2. In honor of watching the same movies a katrillion times, I leave you with one of my favorite lines from my favorite over-watched movie.

    "A hot dog is singing! You need quiet while a hot dog is singing?!"


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