Thursday, July 15, 2010

Who's "That Girl"?

Dedication: The following blog is dedicated to my friend Alex, who when I couldn't think of what to write about said, "hey write about me!"....She is a fascinating specimen, who I affectionately refer to as "that girl" because in one of our first conversations she was talking about getting drunk and dancing on a bar, my response was "'re 'that girl'....aren't you?" and since then I have bore witness to various other scenarios to support her nickname.

An open book, she is unashamed about things that she does or likes, which I have to respect. Case in point, she actually really likes Nickelback (yikes!) and was unembarassed to go willingly into a Target store and buy a Justin Bieber CD. She loves Twilight and keeps me up on what the kids are into (oh...I should clarify...she is 23, not 14!) I know she will never steal a boy from me, because her dream lover is a country boy with a John Deere tattoo and who voted for Bush (..and I mean George Herbert Walker Bush...because she a refined older gent). She is very honest and kind of weird [Tangent: In another one of our early conversations she told me very randomly that she had an irrational fear of being killed by a serial killer! How can you not be intrigued], so that explains why I love her so much. So here goes.
Imagine the scene. A bunch of coworkers (who have a friendly relationship outside of cubicle wasteland) are sitting around a conference table enjoying a meal to celebrate a birthday. [Tangent: Conversation has temporarily drifted from the typical "who would you eat if you were reduced to eat one of your fellow employees due to a centralized nuclear holocaust?"...yes we have had this conversation on a regular basis and each have our subjects picked out (that's just good planning)]. Everything is going swimmingly and then for some reason the subject of paralysis is addressed. We all share our individual anecdotes on the subject, and lovely Alex, between bites of lasagna says, "God...I Think if I couldn't walk I would kill myself!" All the ancillary conversations were silenced and pin drop silence was implemented. About 10 seconds passed of people poking at their salads and glancing at me awaiting for my reaction. I couldn't contain it any longer. I laughed hard...I mean really really really hard (to the point where I became silent because my laughter was keeping me from breathing. Alex, having realized what she had just said, joined me in laughing.....apologizing between snorts. No one else got it.

The Alex "rather be dead" incident happened over a year ago, but today we were retelling this story to someone and Alex said very honestly, "Jones, I don't think of you as being in a wheelchair." Awwwww Moment! Its kind of the best compliment to get...and I get it a lot which makes me think I am doing something right.


  1. "I wouldn't recommend that" was flashing in my head the entire time I was reading this.

  2. I just reread this blog...and I think it explains so much of our friendship.


    Love you Jonesie!!!


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