Sunday, August 1, 2010

Play with your Bieber?

It's not a personal habit to listen to Nashville's popular music station, 107.5 The River. It's not that I feel superior and hipster and like a conformist when I do; it's more because I feel completely old and out of touch with the youth in America (and it makes me question their taste level) when I do. By twisting my dial to that station, it immediately shape shifts me into an old crotchety lady on a porch yelling, "what are they saying in all that racket?" or "They call this music?!?!?"

However, today, on a whim, I decided to check it out as I made the solo drive home from Bellvue (especially given that Bea, my Ipod was dead and my free subscription to XM has long ago expired). They were having throwback Sunday so playing only popular music from the 90s. JACKPOT. This is my zone.

[Tangent: I am a humongous nerd for everything 90s. With the exception of most fashion of that period, I believe everything in the 90's was markedly superior to things in existence today. Anyone who knows me in any capacity knows that about me. In fact, to celebrate this, I had a 90's themed birthday party to celebrate my 27th birthday last year. Photographic evidence below.]

My best friend Kristen and I clearly had some of the best looks:
Linda Perry of 4 Non Blondes and Brenda Walsh

In case you needed a frame of reference:

I began the 30 minute car ride rocking out and having fun. I surprised myself at still knowing all the words (and dance moves) to Gettin' Jiggy Wit It, and I got surprisingly nostalgic as I ardently sang Duncan Shiek's Barely Breathing and Sophie B. Hawkins' Damn I wish I was your Lover. [Tangent: Every time I hear the latter song, I instantly flash to the episode of BH 90210 where it's is playing when David walks in on Kelly and Dylan getting busy in the beach house during their summer where Andrea and Brandon and the gang spent their summer at The Beverly Hills Beach Club. (It was remarkably close to the same time frame where the Saved by the Bell gang spent the summer working for Leon Kerosi at The Desert Sands Beach Club...I always hoped for a crossover episode. A girl can dream.) Brenda was abroad in Paris and it was a pivotal episode in the Brenda-Kelly-Dylan love triangle, hence why it is xeroxed into my memory, and only further supports my theory that I am a little obsessed with popular culture of that decade.]

This wave of sudden acceptance of 107.5 The River crashed suddenly when commercial time came. Apparently the station is running a promotion in conjunction with the upcoming Justin Bieber show at the Bridgestone called "Play with Your Bieber." Try to stop your 12 year old giggling in time for me to explain. You can win the chance to play Xbox backstage with Justin Bieber before the show (what a prize!). Apparently he sings about it one of his hit songs that I have never heard. <-----reason number 1908340813980123 that I don't listen to 107.5 The River. I knock it a lot, but if a similar promotion ran 20 years ago, for New Kids on the Block. I would have called into the station every night multiple times in hopes of playing Atari or NES with Jonathan Knight. [Tangent: When I was wee, my sister really regulated what celebrity crushes I could have. Example: We liked Poison. She liked Brett Michaels, so I had to like CeeCee Deville. We liked NKOTB. She liked Jonathan Knight, so I was forced to like Joey McIntyre. It actually worked out ok. Brett Michaels went on to be a VH1 celebreality whore and Jon Knight went on to be an adult braces wearing homosexual with a social anxiety problem. It seems I made the more stable selections as far as celebrity beaus, even if by default.] If I were a 9 year old today, I would definitely have Bieber Fever. I know this because when I was that age, I was playing with my Joey Mac action figures, bathing with my NKOTB wash cloths, and wearing my New Kids night shirt as I had sweet dreams of boys with Boston accents under my amazing giant New Kids poster where they all were wearing tuxedos and looking slightly to the left. be young and impressionable again.


  1. I have made it this long Bieber free. I'm not breaking my streak now.

  2. Tell me you remember the NKOTB cartoon!! My sister Teresa and I lived for Saturday morning for that very reason.


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