Sunday, September 19, 2010

"Look out Music City...because I'm here now, and I ain't never leaving?"- A thing called love.

At my job, I don't have a whole lot of things going on that I truly enjoy- but for some reason I LOVE writing the daily email. My friend Alex [Tangent: see the blog Who's 'That Girl'?] has taken over during my hiatus, but its actually something I miss. Its stupid and usually gets insta-deleted by most of my coworkers, but I tirelessly allot 30 minutes of my daily production to putting together a hodge podge of interesting facts and quotes and pictures and things to clog their inboxes. There is a point to I was remembering that one day, the "Fact of the Day" was that 50% (I believe that's the percentage) of people live within 50 miles of their birthplace.

At first, I thought, "Jesus, thats depressing," then I realized I AM THAT PERSON! In fact, I live even closer than that. I live in my childhood home. Gross. To my defense, I have moved out for 4 and a half move roughly 30 miles away. Disgusting. Only to move back in with my parents. Tragic.

Well, I am being melodramatic...I actually love my city and my inability to leave it is completely self-imposed. When I was little [Tangent: By little, I mean being a melodramatic and angsty awkward middle schooler.], I was not the biggest fan of Nashville and thought it was super lame and hick-ish. As I have grown up (growing especially strong in the last year, because I have had the beauty of driving around our fair city's lovely streets) I have fallen head over heels in love with my town. I have come to fully appreciate the magic of seeing an amazing live show at some random bar or driving the Natchez Trace in the springtime when everything is like the jungle green marker in a box of Crayola Bold markers.

Then the other day I was reading my friends Amber and Tyler's blog and felt further inspired by Nashvegas. [Tangent: I have known Amber and Tyler for probably 10 years and last week they left for their 2 year journey to teach overseas...where may you ask was their destination? SAUDI ARABIA. That's not playing around. They didn't pick Bali or the French Riviera, they chose Saudi Arabia (WHOAH!), which I think is awesome. Their blog is fascinating and my daily dose of humor and culture. Check it out...after you check out mine of course.] Tyler, upon leaving, reflected upon the things he loves about our hometown...and I thought I would share it below. Aside from the love of Karl Dean, it closely mirrors my own feelings.

From Tyler's Blog: 

I love lower Broad. I love the Titans. I love Karl Dean. I love country music (seriously.). I love the Flying Saucer. I love the neighborhoods. I love the hipsters in East Nashville. I love the weird restaurants that think they're in Portland. I love Baja Burrito. I love how Old Hickory Blvd. is one road, but really is like 10 different ones. I love how all the roads have 3 different names, but are all actually the same road. I love Brentwood High. I love Vaughn's Gap. I love that the Parthenon is made of concrete. I love that you can drive 20 minutes in any direction and end up in the country. I love the Ryman. I love that my AP English teacher sang for the Opry. I love that my friends came here from all over and all of them love it. I love the name Nashthrill. I love the Batman building. I love the concerts on the river. 

His series of observations reminded me of something that I have known inherently for years,  that I should my status as a native Nashvillian as something of a badge of honor and not a cross to bear. It also inspired me to write my own love letter to the city. Thanks Tyler for letting me rip you off. 

I love Franklin Rd, the fact that it can take you from downtown Franklin into downtown Nashville, and takes you by all the McMansions and the farms. I love hipster watching in Fido on Sunday afternoons. I love the sound of banjos and mandolins.  I love hearing people's 2010 flood stories. I love losing myself at McKay's used bookstore.  I love that Sportsman's Lodge is my Cheers. I love that every store on Broad has a buy one pair of cowboy boots, get 2 pairs free sale year round. I love The Nashville Scene, and the You're so Nashville If... I love when people have Southern Pride without being ignorant hate-filled racists. I love neon signs on Broadway at night. I love that I know Demetria Kaladimos shops at the French Shop. I love the appearance of a Hatch Show Print. I love the little old ushers at the Ryman who have worked there for decades and the fact that some wear both ear plugs and hearing aides. I love discovering new areas. I love the Beer Seller, the Flying Saucer and Broadway Brewhouse. I love the Greek Festival. I love watching the Brentwood fireworks at the end of my driveway every 4th of July. I love how passionate people are about music. I love local commercials. I love a patio downtown in the spring. I love Lightning 100. I love the fact that famous people wanna live here, and when you see them they aren't assholes. I love meeting other native Nashvillians. I love that I have less than 6 degrees of separation from anyone else that has lived here any length of time.


  1. I love your blog. And I love not being an ignorant, hate-filled racist.

  2. Yeah, you're not kidding with the 6 degrees of separation! Talk to anyone in Nashville long enough and you'll find out they know Kimmie!!


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