Sunday, October 31, 2010

"and what are you little boy??"

It's not a huge secret that I would be content if calendars just miraculously got misprinted so that everyday was October 31st. That would be A-OK with me...and you bet your ass I would dress up ridiculously everyday and indulge in orange foil wrapped peanut butter cups while watching marathons of Ghost Hunters, never growing tired of this past time. It would be sublime. 

Not unexpectedly, this Halloweekend, as my friend Beth has dubbed it, had a plethora of highlights: amazing Avett Brothers show at the Ryman on Friday (which I will assuredly elaborate on in a later post this week) and ridiculous Halloween house party on Saturday.

My costume was a bit of a deep cut, so some people recognized right away that I was Saved by the Bell's Kelly Kapowski on the episode where she used Zack's homemade zit medicine and was crowned homecoming queen due to her unintentional Bayside tiger spirit. Others just stared, intermittently asking if I was a burn victim. These types of obscure costumes are my favorites, not sexy witch/sexy nurse/sexy meter maid/sexy lab technician/sexy devil/prostitute, and seem to garner the most appreciation from those that see it (I got several high fives.).
 *My best friend Kristen and I. Let it be known, she thought my costume was too obscure.

My favorite oddly specific costume of the season was a guy I saw downtown on Friday. I wish I had the forethought to photograph him, because it was meticulous and amazing, and as soon as I realized he wasn't a transient, I fell in love with his costume. He was dressed as Forrest Gump, but not the "traditional khaki suit park bench Forrest"; he was dressed as the "running across America Forrest." He had the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. hat, short shorts, 70s style running shoes, authentic beard/long hair, rain poncho and a yellow t-shirt in his hand. I felt compelled to shake his hand, but I didn't. I will add it to the long list of regrets in my life.
Another amazing costume was worn separately by both by my friend Alicia's 6-year-old daughter and my friend Turin's 2-year-old,  mostly because it was obvious that their costume ideas were dreamed up by a parent. [Tangent: I am not knocking fact I think it's awesome, and it secretly makes me want children just so I can talk them into wearing things for my own vicarious enjoyment. My sister and I both agree that when we have kids, male or female, their costumes will always revolve around some kind of fake facial hair, because a baby with a moustache is always funny.]. This year, both Charlie and Eva went as the bee girl from the Blind Melon video. I can almost hear the conversation...

Charlie: Mommy, why do I wear these glasses?
Alicia: Because bumblebees are intelligent...hive building...spelling bees...tuna franchises....etc.

This leads me to by far my favorite part of every impending Halloween season- playing a game I invented myself, "Halloween costume or not a Halloween costume?" [Tangent: People-watching games are one of my guilty pleasures. They are most fun A. at concerts or B. Walking around downtown, but can also be observed anywhere. Don't feel limited to Halloween for prying into strangers intentions and/or personal lives. You can play gay or not gay?...guy or girl?...or my favorite...hipster or homeless? etc. Feel free to compose your own version. I assure you its the "Would you rather...?" of the 2k10s,  mark my word.] This year's game began Friday walking to the Ryman Auditorium, when I incorrectly ID'd  two individuals as being in costume, when indeed one was homeless and one was just very portly. Luckily, I kept my kudos to myself, because you never can be too sure, especially in Tennessee. [Tangent: In my defense, the homeless woman looked very authentic, and I merely thought it was a very committed role. Also, the larger lady should not have been wearing a tan sweatsuit with a white t-shirt tied around her waist if she didn't want to be mistaken from afar as a sumo wrestler.] 

My sister, Kelly, and I also played last night en route to the Halloween house party. Kelly was dressed as Snooki and had gotten earlier complimented on her tacky knock-off Ed Hardy sunglasses with a tiger emblazoned on them, while checking out at the liquor store.  Not knowing if the vendor was being sarcastic or sincere (unsure of her costume/not a costume status), she merely said, "Thanks" because other wise it had a 50/50 chance of insulting the person's taste level. 

We were also unsure on a woman exiting Kroger on Nolensville Rd. She was wearing a red beret and some kind of African poncho. Costume or not a costume? Was she Che Gueverra after a trip to Kenya? An ingenius costume concept, but the world may never know for certain. 

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  1. Nice post...I miss the Halloween House Parties...I haven't been to one in 4 years. I am coming home next year for the party.


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