Tuesday, October 12, 2010

come on get happy.

Short of pooping skittles and talking like a Chipette, I think I give off fairly upbeat vibes. Positivity is at least my motive, even if I portray it sometimes in weird twisty ways. How do I stay happy when life pees in my Cheerios? [Tangent: Not sure why I felt compelled to mention poop and pee in my intro, but it reinforces the obvious - I AM CLASSY.] The answer is simple. Inside my mind, there is an endless catalog of imagery that will 99.9% percent of the time give this girl a giggle fit. [Tangent: Be forewarned you will likely not find these pictures as funny as I do, making this post completely self indulgent. I just needed to laugh a little.] I present to you a slight window into Kimmie's Happy Place, beginning with otters paint shopped into Top Gun...

Now if you are not in a better mood- you must be a robot.


  1. 1) You seem to find humor in pairs

    2) I had to look 2 times, the mouth art guy looks to be painting a Vajaja.

    3) Chicken alien baby. Wonderful !!!

  2. OHAI, anonymus.
    Hate to rain on your parade, but I think the (mouth) art is a Bald Eagle.


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