Thursday, November 11, 2010

being forever 27 would be hell.

In exactly one week, I will be 28. Instead of harboring resentment against the inevitability of aging- I have decided to embrace it with arms opened wider than possibly imagined. In fact I would take the age of 28 out to a nice steak dinner if I could [Tangent: Like a Ruth Chris dinner...not a Logan's dinner.]

Early in the summer, I mentioned my age to someone and they immediately countered with, "oh...forever 27." [Tangent: This is not to be confused with Forever 21- the clothing store that is like a classier Wet Seal (I know...being classier than Wet Seal is like being smarter than a fifth grader.)] I asked what they meant, and they informed me that many influential people died when they were 27: Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Kurt Kobain and a ton of others. Clearly this person was not trying to be a Debbie Downer... but in my head I heard: "I'm gonna die." Though I am in no way on par with someone of that calibar,  I do know that I have been repeatedly kicked in the crotch by fate (who was wearing a golf shoe at the time) since the phrase "forever 27" entered my lexicon.  Each time I have had to weeble-wobble back up, and frankly I need a year of rest from all this back and forth. I haven't died yet and refuse to let it happen in the next week.
As the queen of the silver lining, I can't even fake one for the age of 27 with a roll of tin foil. Its not possible, so I can only say good riddance to 27. You were no friend of mine. [Tangent: I am somehow envisioning a cheesy slow motion photo montage set to Green Day's Time of Your Life. Photos of me intubated, relatives in rehab, brothers with Cancer diagnoses, mothers having open heart surgery, anxiety attacks, friends moving away and shedding more tears than I thought the lacrimal glands could produce. It would all be terribly depressing and cliche.] I can't wait for 28; I have a good feeling about it.


  1. Looking at the blades of the grass is a good view! Since you danged near joined those famous people and I would have missed you much more than I've ever missed all of them combined (because you are so far ABOVE their caliber that your goodness cannot be quantified) YEAH 28, 29, 30, ....... 108!!

  2. You have nothing to worry about. You have done way less drugs than Jimi, Jim, Janis, and Kurt. Unless you take the 'Fed into account. . .

  3. I'm one day behind you! And my year of 28 is going to be crazy awesome. I'm sure yours will be, too!

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