Friday, November 26, 2010

black friday, I'm not in love...

The economy is in a shambles, and I wish I could say I had the fortitude to help my friend B. Rock (that's my nickname for Obama) turn things around by shopping today, but I don't. Participating in all these doorbusting deals just does not appeal to me in the very least, especially when I could sleep in and sit by the fire instead.

I worked the black Friday sale day for 3 consecutive years (although at my former place of employment, they called it pink clever.), and didn't like being there, even when I was getting paid to do so. Donning a very warm and itchy pink Santa hat, I would be quarantined to my little corner handing out shopping bags and listening to frantic updates on my headset. I bounced from screaming over the crowds, "Can I help you find anything today?" and being screamed at if we were out of one of the cheaply-made tote bags you got for spending $50. [Tangent: I never quite understood why people went so bat shit crazy for these bags, but they talked about them as if they contained a cure for AIDS. Instead they just packed some tiny travel sizes of perfume and lip gloss. The look in the eyes of these customers was as if they were a crackhead on day 2 of detox. MUST. HAVE. PLASTIC-Y. TOTE. OF. BEAUTY. PRODUCTS. STAT.]

However, all this sitting idle was getting to me, so I, along with my sister and mother,  braved the hordes to go see Love & Other Drugs, or as mom refers to it..."that naked movie." Yes, there was a lot of boobage and boy thigh, but not so much that it would drive me out of the theater, as it did the people adjacent to us. Were they really shocked by all the "sexy time?" The film's marketing campaign was pretty clear cut with the adult themes.  I guess those patrons were expecting something produced by Kirk Cameron.

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  1. Speaking of Kirk Cameron:

    When I was in high school, we had a charter bus taking us to and from a church camp in Florida. On the way back home, the bus driver thought it would be a neat idea to put on one of the Left Behind movies for us to watch. EVERYONE on the bus was KNOCKED OUT within 10 minutes.

    Clearly camp didn't sink in. . . ;-)


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