Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I don't want to be a NYRP

New Years Eve is 3 days away, and I am counting down the hours, minutes and seconds until the clock strikes 11:59:59 on December 31, 2010. [Tangent: Although my plans aren't super glam,  I have warned some of my fellow party goers that I will likely either kiss everyone and everything in the room and/or break down in tears...so to be prepared for both potential ball drop reactions.] I am more than ready for a clean slate and fresh changes, or if nothing else a fresh and non cynical outlook. [Tangent: In my mind the calendar page will flip and the black cloud that has resided over my household will dissappear and be replaced with huge puffy cumulus clouds that may or may not rain skittles.] Theoretically this new beginning could have happened anytime, but I feel that if all of humanity is on the same page as me, it can only help keep me in the spirit of reformation.

As a former YMCA rat, I used to be familiar with individuals possessing little to no stick-to-it-iveness: the people who came to the YMCA on January 1st in their brand new, finely pressed warm-up suits and sweat bands. These fashion plates were even given an acronym amid the staff- NYRPs [New Years Resolution People.]. Their membership would generally become stagnant by March, when their resolve began to dissolve.

In addition to the NYRP's propensity to resist workouts, I am not so different than these people. Ever the queen of good intentions, I kinda suck with the follow through...hence why I have been writing a book for 5 years and am not using my degree in my current job.

To keep from being that NYRPy kinda individual, I have decided to make a list of things I want to do. I don't really desire to be held to this list, I just want to put it on paper (errr...computer screen?). After looking at it It's obvious I am including way too many new "activities" which is specifically what my medical professionals say I need to cut down on. Somehow, I will look for that happy medium. [Tangent: In the past I have resolved to read more books or make live music a bigger part of my life. Both of these lifestyle changes have completely shape shifted how I spend my free time, and in the long run- my mentality and overall well being.]

My To- Do list for 2011.
  • Learn to play the mandolin at least one song.
    • Being born with a Yoko Ono singing voice, I long to have some form of musical talent and have dreamed of being a bluegrass mandolin goddess for about 8 years. Why not a guitar? Well, that's just too mainstream. Plus, I'm a petite gal and a guitar seems too overwhelming for my 4'11, 85 lb frame- whereas the gorgeous whiny sounding stringed instrument suits me perfectly. Additionally, I look absolutely adorable in boots and a prairie skirt and need a mandolin to accompany my Americana look. 
  •  Visit my friends who live in other states.
    • I am REALLY bad about this. For years, one of my dearest friends has lived in DC and been begging me to come out and see her. I have never seen our nation's capital and would love to. Seems like an open and shut case. WRONG! Being a wheelchair chick, air travel is a pain in the arse, and not only that- I also have to find someone to accompany me to help with all my day to day fun stuff. All my friends are broke and have busy lives, so it throws a definite kink in my ability to hop on a plane at the drop of a hat. 
  •  Paint. 
    • I have all the supplies and the know-how, so no expense will need to be spared. The attention I direct towards my artwork has just evaporated. That needs to be remedied STAT. 
  • Stay Healthy.
      • This goes without saying.  I love bacon laiden foods and high fructose corn syrup, but I will try to tweak my intake a little more to keep myself in fighting shape.
  • Go swimming at least once a month, if not more. 
  • See, despite the crooked bangs- I look happy poolside.
    • To conquer this goal I have considered joining an old lady water aerobics class at the rec center.  I will definitely need a skirted 1920s style bathing suit and zero modesty when being nude in the changing room to fit in with my new potential classmates- but I will cross those hurdles later. The real first step is getting in the water and seeing if I can sink or swim. Pun shamelessly intended. [Tangent: When I was in middle and high school, I would swim 3 times a week religiously, getting up early on Saturday mornings to do so. Dump me outta my chair and into the over chlorinated water and I began swimming laps and treading water for 10 minutes independently. I was a swimming beast before all these gross lung difficulties. When I was in college, I got back into a disabled water aerobics class and had a panic attack the first time I got into the water because I could barely stay afloat. It was upsetting to see that my water skills were failing me. Waaahh Waaaaaaaah. Cue the sad trombone.]  
  • Make step towards independence.
    • This one is perhaps the scariest yet most important of all. I want my own space...I want my own things. I have run out of ways to decorate my room. I want a home to decorate and live in and entertain in and to have Newman chew up. Its the dream. We'll see how that shakes down.


  1. I misread the name of the cartoon you have posted at the beginning of this entry, and thought it said, "Sausage Chickens". I see now that it is Savage Chickens, but I thought that was still worth sharing. Great blog entry, as usual...

  2. I don't want to be a NYRP either. This is why I took to calling them New Year Suggestions, rather than resolutions. It's less pressure when I fail.

    In all seriousness, good luck with yours darlin'! They're never easy to stick with but I figure if you accomplish at least one, you're doing far better than most people.

  3. Last year [for the 2009 to 2010 switch] I tried out a new idea: Anti-Resolutions. In addition to whatever goals I set for myself "to do", I had a list of things I was going to resolve to do less of in the coming year. This sounds negative, but it was to a more positive end; stuff like "I won't worry so much about things I can't control", et al. Really interesting exercise if you've never done it. Recommend it.

  4. Well pack your bags doll, we're going to DC!! Let me know when you want to go and I'll be in the passenger seat with slim jims. Seriously. I'll drive up and meet you in Nashville.


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