Tuesday, December 14, 2010

reactions and retractions

Today, I debated about what I should write about,  and I couldn't settle on anything in particular. It seemed obvious to write about the snow or the record breaking cold [Tangent: Yes...its 9 degrees here.], but that seemed completely boring. Have I really come to the point where I am writing about the weather? This is a blog, not an awkward elevator conversation, darnit!

My solution: why not share the greatest parts of my blog, the ones you don't get to see. As previously stated, I think the most entertaining part of blogging is seeing what search terms lead viewers to my page. Below is the latest crop. There are the somewhat logical ones:

  • "girl in wheelchair"
  • "wheelchair girl"
  • "funny wheelchair pictures"
Then there are the ones that hit upon topics that I discuss:

  • "critter calvary non profit animal rescue"
  • "inspector gadget- dr claw"
  • "forever 27"
  • "meth before and after" <---a bit of a stretch, but still I have touched upon the unfortunate nature of "meth face" so it stays.

Then there are others. Please help me understand the connection between the randomness I write about and these queries [Tangent:It would be impossible, even given my depravity, to come up with these on my own...so don't even consider that as an option.]:

  • "homeless people being beaten"
  • "mission accomplished, and now they touch their balls"
  • "crapped her pants" x 2 <----yep, this query has been used twice to  guide people to my page. 

Wow! I am not sure whether to be horrified or impressed by my demographic of googlers and stumblers upon. Apparently, with my little online journal I am the Diane Arbus of blogging...attracting all kinds of freaks.

To add to this hodgepodge of an entry, I thought I would address another loose ends that needs tying. I will start answering some of the comments and questions readers have left. Deep Breath- Here goes.

  • Yes. Jewnicorn is a word I made up. However, I also thought I invented the term jeggings when I bought my first pair a year a half ago, so I could be wrong. 
  • The Neti pot did help my sinus issues, although it made me feel like I was drowning in the ocean. 2 thumbs up, regardless.
  • I think the movie "What About Bob?" may be the most irrational fear I have heard of to date. Kudos, Josh. 
  • Yes, I agree the Nintendo game Punch Out was vaguely racist. Don Flamenco, Great Tiger and my favorite, the drunken Pollack, Soda Popinski all are proof of that theory.

 Comments are like rainbow sprinkles for me, not an absolute necessity. but for some reason make the this whole writing thing so much more enjoyable.  One day, I was having a not particularly great day, pulled up my blog via cell phone...and found this.

"I love your blog, you are hilarious! I'm commenting because I feel like you'd appreciate my story of how I came to be reading your blog at 1:06am.
A friend of mine was telling me about a haunted house he went to and how there was a creepy girl in a wheelchair that followed him and actually scared him. Thinking I'd be funny and post a picture/comment on his Facebook, I googled "haunted house +girl +wheelchair +zombie" and looked at images. Somehow that lead me to your amazing blog, with everything from Full House to WWZ. I've given up trying to find a pic for FB and taken to readying a bunch of your postings.
Love it, keep up the wonderful writing about your adventures. (: "

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