Wednesday, December 29, 2010

you know...something light.

My anxiety runneth over and is completely seeping out of the contained space in my life and into everything I attempt and every interaction I make, yet ironically enough its my dog that is on Prozac. [Tangent: Yep. Newman is officially a pill popper. He has shown signs of being a mini beast and they are hoping it will cut down on his aggression. I am not the biggest fan of giving my dog substances to stifle his emotional outbursts, but I promise its only temporary.  The pharmaceutical route seems to be working...given that today is the first day he has actually slept on his doggy bed instead pushing it into something to hump away at.]
Newman not boning his bone bed...its a rarity.
Since I don't have a Prozac perscription, and because I think its highly despicable to steal drugs from your 9 month old Chiweenie- I have sought out alternate sources of solace. Only trouble being that I am terrible at deeming what is an appropriate mood lifter, given that I thought classic Russian literature would somehow be the ultimate upper. I was mistaken. Reading Notes from the Underground at 1 AM made me even more downtrodden. Word to the wise- when you are feeling the weight of the world pressing on your shoulders, pick something moderately escapist and not something that, albeit really great, just highlights each negative crevice of society...the very ones you are trying to keep off your mind. [Tangent: I am making a conscious effort to try to read more actual classics. (Although I think Chelsea Handler is a new classic, many literary critics would dispute that.) This resolution sounds like I am an intellectual bitch, but the catalyst for rediscovering these old tales boils down to economics. I like to read in bed on my cell phone's kindle application. Classics are free to buy on, hence I am more inclined to read them. The cheap shall inherit the earth.] Unfortunately a story about a paranoid, depressed beggar living in the Russian underground was probably the best of all my options. The other books I have in my Kindle basket are:

I realize Poe is the king of dark, twisty and depressing, but I love him. Always have. Pretty sure as a 12 year old given the option to select any poem to memorize, I picked Annabelle Lea. Me and ol' EAP have a good history so I thought he would be a good companion in lieu of sleep...I was wrong.

"It was the best of was the..." Dammit. Apparently this is not the upbeat read I had hoped for.

 Next time I am moonlighting as an insomniac, I will just pop in something lighthearted. I have heard good things about Hotel Rwanda. If not, I will just buy one of those baby white noise machines and sleep the day away.


  1. Fantasy series are good for escape. I have been loving Harry Potter re-reading for this reason, and am looking forward to Narnia after that. If that isn't your thing, may I suggest Neil Gaiman? He is the perfect blend of creepy guy, with brilliant plot and character development, who is completely cheeky and hilarious. Anywhere you start with him would be good, but Anansi Boys, Stardust, and Good Omens are all very lighthearted, while still pretty indicative of his overall style. Hope that helps. And if it's any consolation, your writing, even during these difficult times, has been brilliant- Poe would be proud.

  2. I memorized Annabelle Lee for a middle school English assignment too!! We should be friends.

  3. DO NOT READ WURTHERING HEIGHTS! or jane eyre, despite a happy ending it's pretty depressing for a stretch.

    I'd recommend any jane austin. Always good time.


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