Friday, January 7, 2011

going back to cali...cali...cali

Let me start this blog off by saying that earlier this evening, I temporarily doubled my disability and tempted fate by driving home near blind. I blame yesterday's blog. In being lisa loeb,  I very nonchalantly talked about wearing glasses just for fun and poking fun at my failing eyesight. Not 24 hours later, I had to drive roughly 10-15 miles sans glasses or contacts. Yep. my contacts decided to go AWOL on the way to my destination. By the time I reached my spot, Fido, I might as well have been wearing tiny circles of saran wrap on my corneas, so I ditched them in my napkin. Thank allah it was near freezing, and most people frown upon night jogging in that kind of cold- or else I could have been serving time for vehicular homicide right about now. [Tangent: I know I am an idiot...huge huge huge idiot.]

Now back to your regularly scheduled blog...

Lately I've been sideswiped by vortex of unfortunate events that I lovingly refer to as the shitstorm or crapnado. It kind of made me lose track of all time and forget that there were legitimate bright spots on the horizon. For example, my older brother is getting married in little over a month and that means CALI TRIP! I think this is truly what I need, a trip to a sunny (albeit smoggy) locale to celebrate some good family time revolving around our immersion into Armenian culture.

As you may know my soon to be sister-in-law is Armenian. I know little of her culture and am very excited to learn. All I know about an Armenian wedding, aside from what I've absorbed watching episodes of Keeping up With the Kardashians, is that there is lots of food, drinking and dancing. Sounds like absolute Nirvana.  [Tangent: To avoid sounding like to much of an idiotic uncultured female, I try to keep my references of the Kardashian clan to a bare minimum when talking to Kristine, my new sister-in-law. Despite having a "K" name, she is not a fan of them and feels they give her people a bad rep.]

Although I have been to California 1.5 times, [Tangent: The .5 was for a 6 hour layover I had in San Francisco en route home from Hawaii about 12 years ago. I count it because I got to ride over the Golden Gate Bridge and eat Ghiradelli  I feel that absolutely counts for something.] seeing the west coast is not old hat to me. Traveling never is. Growing up, my family never rarely took trips via airplane [Tangent: Air travel for 6 is pricey, and we had a Jeep Grand problem solved.], so there is something about air travel that still seems very magical to me, as if I'm riding somewhere aboard Falcor, the dragon from The Neverending Story.
ok...maybe not that magical...but close. 
 My last trip was nearly 2 years ago to visit my brother, who lives outside of LA. It went swimmingly until I decided to get second degree sunburn on my legs, horifying my dermatologist and deserving a few weeks of pain killers and cold compresses. [Tangent: I will remind some of you that didn't get to see it live in effect what that degree of charred flesh looked like...and yes apparently the phrase "too much information" is not a part of my lexicon.]
Further proof that sometimes I make poor decisions. See first paragraph.
This time there will be no skin sizzling. I will not live under some grand delusion that I am a bronzed beach goddess. There will only be happy, adequately sunscreened times. To remind me that happy California times are on the horizon, I wanted to share some of my favorite pics from the first go round. 
No one warned me it was cold in Cali. Years of Saved by the Bell has lied to me.

cliche "I'm a pretty, pretty princess" picture

I love this picture...mostly because Mikey was terrified of the teacups.

Help! I'm in a net.

The first sign I saw after getting out of our car in Hollywood

Mom and I by Elton John's star. We were STOKED!

This was when I obtained aforementioned scorched shins.

The most ingenious business trifecta I have ever seen.

Dodger game...this was clearly post burn. Note the glasses marks.

Showing off my inner fat kid.

San Diego Wild Animal $30 ever spent.

I love this picture of my mama. She looks shocked to see an elephant at a zoo.

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  1. I only hope you sang the Full House theme song whilst crossing the Golden Gate. I also hope that reference is correct. I can't be sure, since I don't have any songs by Uncle Jesse's Band in my iPod.


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