Thursday, January 27, 2011

idol chatter

I may try to remain partially "hip" and "with it" [Tangent: The fact that I just said that proves that I'm not. Further reinforcing this point is that I spent last Friday night watching Shallow Hal on cable with my parents.], but every January for the last 10 years, my true inner lame ass comes shining from the winter duldrums. It's American Idol Season, kids which means things in my life are about to get tragically lame (at least until mid May).

In ten years, I have never missed an episode. I have DVR'd, VHS'd, youtube'd Hulu'd and had my mother take notes for me on occasion so I would not miss anything pivotal. I love it. [Tangent: I love it so much that in college I raced home from some kind of social gathering because Elton John was guest mentoring on Idol, and my last VHS tape had been used on something important like the Dawson's Creek finale. It was possibly the gayest thing a non-homosexual has ever done.]

My love is illogical. Have I ever purchased a debut album by an American Idol winner? No. Do I turn the station when their songs come on? Sometimes.  Did I vote 25 times for Taylor Hicks? Absolutely. 

Because I am such a loyal viewer, I was a bit unsettled when the series decided to have a little makeover so late into their tenure [Tangent: Not to use a cliche, but when I heard Cowell was bowing out, I could practically hear the splash from Idol jumping the shark.]. I was admittedly nervous during the premiere. No Simon? New judges? A new logo and title sequence!?!? (Gasp!) Its all a lot to take in, but so far the transition has been non-traumatic, even given that I am not a huge J. Lo fan. 

Despite the changes, the root of the show is the same. Randy Jackson still makes me want to punch babies due to his incoherency. [Tangent: I mean I know he was in the band Journey in the 80s (high-top fade and all), but sometimes I wonder if he has passed the second grade. His vocabulary is terrible.]  

They still humiliate people that I suspect have Asperger's. 

The producers still are able to squeeze a sob story out of anyone, even if they are very upper middle class lottery winners/Mensa scholars.   [Tangent: This last feature is one that I take some issue with and have some mixed feeling about. On occasion, they skew a little exploitative, which makes me uncomfortable. I don't think that makes me a calloused individual; I think it makes me the polar opposite. This Entertainment Weekly article from today on that very topic is actually pretty interesting, and will assuredly stir up some interesting conversation.] 

Try as they might- none of these elements deter me.  Unfortunately American Idol is my drug of choice. I just can't quit it. I will roll with it till my wheels fall off.  I know...I know. I'm lame.


  1. This makes me want to start saying "Seacrest Out" whenever I exit a conversation.

  2. Never seen an episode. Want to keep it that way


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