Sunday, January 30, 2011

newsflash: i'm big (in germany)

this guy knows what I'm talking about.

Damn the stats page on blogspot. For those bloggers that read this, I know they feel my pain. It's really near impossible not to get caught up in the intricacies of blog traffic and daily readership to a point of obsessiveness. [Tangent: When I talk to my other friends with blogs (like Amber, Beth and Sam), its inevitable that we at least once discuss our latest stats and how many daily hits we are up to, either that or the weirdest search term we have found. It follows "How are you?" and "How's work?" in the natural progression of conversation. Its really beyond dorky and self-indulgent, but it happens. I've made peace with it.]

The day after I post a blog, I generally check to see how it is received by seeing what my hits were for that day and how it falls on the charts. [see...I told you that I was ridiculous. I talk as if I am a Kanye West or something.] On Thursday, I wrote a blog entitled idol chatter and the next day I noticed that I jumped from about 50-75 daily views to nearly 250, and it was charting as my #5 all time most read blog even after just 3 days. I'm not that interesting, so I knew there must be a culprit. 

After a bit of trial and error investigation, I found that the reason my readership had tripled was due to the American Idol contestant, Chris Medina, who auditioned on Wednesday night. His wife was in a wheelchair due to a traumatic brain injury and apparently spurred a lot of the viewers to inquire online about how they could donate to his family. Apparently this was quite a hot topic and was mentioned in articles and on Extra! which is where I come in. Although I didn't even directly speak about him, for those that googled "Idol girl in wheelchair" - I was #1 on google! Let me repeat. I WAS #1 ON GOOGLE! [Tangent: Albeit for something rarely googled, it was still exciting. Momentarily, I felt like Miss America...or at least her nerdy bloggy equivalent.]
This is an approximation of how I felt.
 When the high from that wore off, I decided to use my stats page to check out what countries I was infiltrating en mass [Tangent: I love doing this, mostly because with the exception of Saudi Arabia, and Australia,where I actually have friends that live, the countries where I am popular are very illogical.] All the English speaking ones don't excite me that much. I am more stoked about the ones where I am sure its more the readers are confused and promptly click off thinking, "Aaahhh...silly Americans!"

United States                  
United Kingdom            
Saudi Arabia                  

So judging by these stats, apparently I'm big in Germany! I'M IN! Its also fun knowing I have something in common with David Hasselhoff. [Tangent: Besides the obvious that we both have cars that are part robot and look great running in slow motion.] Because of these finding, I am going to devote the remainder of this blog entry to an homage to The Hoff, in hopes that it will bump Germany on up to at least #3. 

 Ok, is the only German I know to show my appreciation. Das es gut. Volkswagon.


  1. So, how many times did you try to spell "lederhosen" before you just looked it up?

  2. The Hoff and a Shar Pei. Just shows that men will mount anything with a wrinkle ln it.


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