Sunday, January 16, 2011

some generic junkmail can be good

Note: Last night I spent way too much time redesigning my blog and creating my new masthead. I hope you like. I am not completely happy with it, but the other one irritated me each time I logged on.

Now...on to the bloggin'

Each day, my inbox is cluttered...I mean really, really cluttered. Once every three weeks I may get something personal and not mass produced, but in the meantime I remain right on top of every sale Victoria's Secret/Amazon/Overstock/Big Lots/Barnes and Noble/Borders/B.F Goodwrench happens to be running, and I am up to my eyelashes in facebook notifications. [Tangent: I realize there is a way to turn that off...but apparently it's very low on my priority list.]

Amid all the rubble, I found a hidden junk mail gem. Most people would have deleted it immediately, if it had even avoided their spam folder. However, because of my hoarding tendencies, I got really nostalgic and overly sentimental after clicking on it. Here is the mail in question:


How could I help myself to this email overreaction? I mean, Chevy did send me a stock photo of a birthday cake with their logo on it...and they are right- "Anniversaries ARE about celebration." Ahhh- Chevy, you shouldn't have!  This two years has really flown [Tangent: Two years is somewhat of a misnomer. Its two years since my loan was approved and the car title was in my name, but I didn't get to take my beautiful brown beast home with me until April. Little issues like months of drivers training, adjusting the car to my specifications and having my robot built in another state had to be dealt with.]

see how clean it is...that never happened again.

The wait was completely worth it. I daresay that getting my car was the most life changing thing that has ever happened to me. Having to wait 10 years longer than everyone else made me appreciate my car. I appreciate that I baffle slack-jawed yokels in the mall parking lot who I overhear say, "Who is driving that thing?" I appreciate that I win over every child, who is slightly intimidated by me, by telling them by vehicle is really an autobot. It also made me appreciate mass emails, so much so that I tear up a little.


  1. Time flies when I'm mooching rides off you, Kimmie!

  2. I am so proud of you. Congratulations on an incredible achievement! (I teared up a bit, too!)


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