Saturday, January 1, 2011

you're travelling to another dimension...

best show intro ever.

Its after 3:00 PM on January 1st. Still outfitted in my pajamas, I am completely enraptured by a Twilight Zone marathon on The SyFy network. This is one of those shows that I completely love when I stumble upon it. Its completely timeless, and without it I feel there would have been no Tales from The Crypt, no Outer Limits, no Chuck Palahniuk books, No Shamylan twists. [Tangent: Yes. Tales from the Crypt was possibly my favorite show for a two year window of my childhood. I spent many a Saturday night as a youth watching Baywatch and then Tales from the Crypt back-to-back Fox lineup with my sister. Both were fine and appropriate programming in our opinion. Perhaps our parents should have monitored our TV watching more closely, but then I wouldn't have been this awesome or weird.]
Why does he totally look like the world's ugliest dog?
Being that the Twilight Zone was taped in the early 60's, it cracks me up when they have episodes set in the distant future...all the way in the year 2000.

On these "futuristic" episodes, everyone is always wearing leotardy Star Trek looking ensembles, and the women look like femme bots and were hell-bent on attaining perfection. I guess their projection of 2000 was semi on the mark.
...and then came GAGA 10 years later.
All this reminds me of a conversation I had with mom yesterday regarding technology and me feeling completely old regarding the huge leaps that have happened in the last several years of my adulthood. Example: The other day for some reason I remembered getting getting a copy of Ferris Bueller's Day Off for my 18th birthday...I then remembered that it was on VHS. DVDs weren't really "a thing" yet. At that time laser disks were said to be the wave of the future. [Tangent: Because I went to a High School that had more money than they knew what to do with, every classroom seemed to have a laser disk player. Wow. What a waste that seems like in retrospect. This 20/20 hindsight is reason enough for me to wait a while before making the leap to BlueRay.] The fact that all of that was a mere 10 years ago, and even the DVD is becoming old news, really baffles my cranium.

Not to sound completely old, because I know I'm not...but in my day, kids didn't have cell phones or Ipods [Tangent: I now know 11 year olds that have both, which I find completely unsavory.]. I was just happy to have a boom box. Hell, my family didn't even adopt the internet until I was about a junior in high school, and I didn't get my first cell phone until I went to college. Because of this, the fact that I have internet [much less the ability to text] on my phone is astounding.

What do we have to look forward to in 2011? Maybe flying Deloreans and hover boards [fingers crossed]? Although this is all very exciting, I kinda feel like we are running outta ways to advance. Slow down technology...we have lots of beautiful years together. No need to rush things.  You are kinda making me feel old. I am sure the fact that I am spending my Saturday watching black and white TV with my folks isn't helping matters so much. In the words of Joy Behar, "So what? Who Cares?"

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  1. "There are no more elephants. Of course, there is no more cruelty toward elephants, either."


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