Monday, February 14, 2011

hot hot valentines day action

why did I not find this picture when I was writing this?
Its Valentines day? Its nine o'clock...and I'm enjoying what might be the most underwhelming Valentine's day ever.  Don't feel sorry for me...I am thoroughly enjoying the lame night in of working from home and enjoying some peace and quiet with a side of Ferrero Rondnoirs. A few hours ago I celebrated by indulging in a gourmet dinner of Backyard Burgers and a movie. [Tangent: Maybe the movie was a poor choice. I sometimes am not good at choosing appropriate entertainment. For single girl on Valentine's Day viewing, I  chose to watch Far From Heaven, which is a really pretty Julianne Moore film where her idyllic little family is shaken when she finds out her hubby is gay. Yep... welcome to my worst fear. I saw Fran Drescher on Oprah talking about how she was married for 20 years before realizing her husband was gay...hopefully my friends would have pointed out the red (or rainbow) flags to me. Although, I kinda think it would be fun to have a gay hubby, because feel like I had several for many years in college.]

Earlier today I got a valentine from the most devoted male in my dog, Newman. [Tangent: It was actually from my mom, you decide if that is more or less pathetic. I am still on the fence about it. Slowly, she is trying her best to turn me into a sad dog person.] I guess it was appropriate, he is at this time the most loyal man in my life...and he is a eunich. Maybe the two go hand in hand.

Don't get me wrong, I really have had an awesome day. I took a good nap. I ate a heart-shaped box of chocolates for breakfast. I got a thoughfully chosen Toy Story 3 valentine from my favorite 6-year-old faux niece.  All in all, good day.

I will admit it was better than my Valentine's Day of 5 years ago. I am glad I am in a better place today... From my old blog, As The Wheel Turns, circa 2006.

"My funny Valentine...sweet comic Valentine.."

So I never wrote to fill everyone in on my Valentine's Day. I know everyone was so riveted by my last entry that they could not wait to see what transpired.

I woke up at 7:30 because despite not having to be at the mall till 10:00 am, I arrived, coffee and chick lit book in hand, at 9:00 (which is really before its even open!). [TANGENT: I had to be there early because my dad had a "democratic party commitment" and whenever I complain about his meetings messing up my plans, he counters back with "we are really working for you, to make sure your vote counts!" I must have learned my ability to guilt trip from the master- because apparently everything can be traced back to George Bush being an idiot or the elections being fixed! Its not that I don't agree with him; I just tend to not get so enraged about everything!] Anyway- I sat in the food court sausage biscuit in hand watching the mall walkers knock each other over and seeing the janitors wipe down the tables. What a hot and scandalous Valentine's this is turning out to be.

I then bought some food for my coworkers and headed downstairs to get to work. Can I just say, working at a lingerie store on Valentine's Day is perhaps one of the most surreal experiences I have ever had. Desperate men tell you way too much about their personal life and despite wanting to change their minds about their purchases, you just let them mess up. This can perhaps best by demonstrated by a man that I refer to as Shady McPedophile. [he rocked the classic child molester look: transitions lenses that never quite lightened up, a dingy khaki jacket with elasticized cuffs and waist, and a comb-over.] Anyway- despite our attempts, as salespeople, to offer him suggestions, he ended up purchasing some mismatched lounge wear and a $35 jar of bust enhancing cream. I assume his gift from his significant other will be a kick in the face with a golf shoe. Happy Valentine's day Mr. Molester!

The evening concluded with an Italian dinner with my two valentines, my parents, and a good lifetime movie about a woman who had a nervous breakdown and fell in love with a fellow mental patient. I hope this is not foreshadowing of Valentine's Days to come.


  1. i like that your "vintage" blog entry kind of makes your dad sound like a Communist.

  2. Miss Kimmie, you're like my long lost twin. I also had nothing to do on Monday. I ended up having a subway dinner date with 2 single friends, received a valentine (that my mother mailed to me) from my cat, and an evening at home reading Twilight. If I had been in Nashville I would have hit you up so we could have combined forces.

  3. ...Shady McPedophile....
    How I long to see THAT on the McDonalds menu !!!!
    It can only be ordered from the drive thru if you are driving a windowless van.


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