Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"i wanna go fast"- ricky bobby

Today around 10 AM, my inner fatty was knocking and telling my brain that I wanted, neigh...NEEDED Zaxby's for lunch. [Tangent: Still on reduced work hours, I work about 9-2 and snack all day in lieu of taking time off for lunch. Potato chip breakfasts do not provide lasting satisfaction,  so when 2 PM hits, I WANT FOOD and have usually been romanticizing a certain meal for  several hours.] Having not eaten at Zaxby's since I moved home from Murfreesboro  5 years ago, I was craving it something fierce. The hunger pangs had to be heeded, as was becoming tempted to just ask for an intravenous drip of Zax sauce.

Alex told me there was a Zaxby's within a couple miles, so I went on my Harold and Kumarian odyssey...driving aimlessly and, because I had dropped my droid in the floor boards, without any 3rd party direction. I couldn't find the one she spoke of, so I drove all around the adjacent town in search of the other location. It would have been much to practical and get my chicken elsewhere, but no...it had become a quest.

As I drove along on this deep fried mission, I realized that not unlike typing, I drive a lot faster when certain music is played. Granted, I have never gotten a ticket so apparently its a bad habit that I keep in check or the police in my area are oblivious. [Tangent: Semi-lie- I have not gotten a ticket for speeding. I get parking tickets all the time, because I like to create my own parking spaces...on sidewalks...in the streets... wherever. If you judge me for that, maybe you will be less  judgmental if you ever get the side of your car smashed by my fold down ramp.]

So I decided a mini countdown was in order...

songs you have to speed to  by Kimmie

5.  Listen- Beyonce from the Dream Girls soundtrack

This scrawny white girl becomes a strong black woman when this song blasts in my Chevy. I seem to drive as if I am escaping the man that has been oppressing me, when in actuality I am usually driving to work or to Walgreen's.

4. Anything Lady Gaga

After succumbing to the Gaga hype a couple summers back, I have been overwhelmed with enthusiastic dance driving whenever she pops up in the shuffle [Tangent: Especially this song...because I like to live under the delusion that the paps are swarming me.]

3. Running Down a Dream- Tom Petty

This played on one of my first days driving myself to work solo. I ran 2 red lights, because from the intro on through, I felt like there was no other way to do it.  Petty shares his name with a racing family. Coincidence? I think not.

2. Anything Live by The Avett Brothers

I have seen the Avett Brothers play live only twice, but anyone that knows me knows that they are my "favetts." The experience of a live show by the North Carolina bearded band of brothers is so amazing that I like to relive it inside the confines of my automotive. Give me one of their live albums and I am a happy, happy speeding lady.

1. Send me on my Way - Rusted Root

[Tangent: Or as I like to call it "Simmeonmaway."]  This is more a windows down springtime drive fast song, but I seriously have to watch my lead hand when the sprightly flute solo kicks in. 

So, now don't you wanna ride shotgun?

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  1. you, me, mix CD of those songs, straightaway in a rural area - it's going on my bucket list.


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