Saturday, February 12, 2011

I was an offensive preteen

Yesterday I was watching The Fighter for the second time, because I really loved it that much. Because my sister and I had watched it previously, we chose to pay special attention to the more obscure things like graphics, looking for Conan O'Brien's sister, and wardrobe. [Tangent: If you have no interest in seeing this movie, please reconsider if for nothing else,  for the costuming alone. It takes place in 1993, in a blue collar area of Massachusetes, so it may as well have been sponsored by scrunchies, Reebok high tops and body suits. Oh to be the costumer on this movie...] I was especially captivated by the shirts Markie Mark donned, because they brought back a lot of looks I hadn't thought of in years. [Tangent: The subtleties of 90's menswear are always intriguing. Men didn't have as much to work with, but they certainly went there...a useless zipper here...a bolo tie there.]
this guy knows what I'm talkin' about.
In one scene, Wahlberg turns his back to the camera, and I spied something that I hadn't thought of in years...the offensively named "fag tag."

haven't seen one in maybe 10 years.
As soon as the phrase, "Is that a fag tag?" exited my mouth, my sister looked up from her droid and we were both  overcome with an instant sense of nostalgia and remorse. I haven't seen the little 1/4" loop on shirts in years, so my reasoning is that fashion survival of the fittest made them extinct.  I guess designers got the picture that preteens were getting ridiculed for having these useless strips on the back of shirt plackets. Frankly, I kind of miss them.

OK...OK...I realize "fag tag" is archaic and offensive, and I am sure there is an actual term for this thing. [Tangent: Also, if you know me at all, you know I have the most diverse friend base ever so I am in no way being a homophobe. I really just have no inkling of what else to refer to it as.] Even today, I still have no idea what its purpose is. Do you use it to hang your shirts? It seemed the only thing I saw them used for was grabbing people by them, while heckling their fashion sense. God... kids are assholes.

Furthermore, the terminology seems way off base, all the homosexual men I know have stellar fashion know-how and would never be caught dead in blouse with a "fag tag."

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  1. You know I'd never heard that term before but I knew immediately what you meant and probably why it was called that. Here's an example of what my mental image was:
    It seems that the loop certainly served a purpose. Useful for carrying your shirt over your shoulder? This is just one person's theory.
    Love your writing. (:


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