Sunday, February 20, 2011

is that the secret?

Here's hoping the crippled one isn't me...
I was waiting in a waiting room the other day and was limited on my options of reading material. I opted for a Redbook from 2009. It was either that or Popular Mechanics, and considering I don't know anything about cars beyond the fact that I own one... I thought, "Redbook it is!" Somehow I fell upon an article for spinsters instructing them to make a list of qualities they are looking for in a man in order to get a better idea of what they want out of life and love. Apparently by harnessing your energy a la The Secret and putting it out into the universe, this man is supposed to materialize. I kinda think that's bullshit, but it got me thinking...instead of writing it on a Precious Moments notepad and reading it to my cat, Mr. Belvedere, [Tangent: I have neither a Precious Moments notepad or a cat named after an 80's TV butler, but it seemed like something that was probably done somewhere in America in 2009, when this article debuted.] I decided to make a list here...why not? I haven't done anything else to blog about today...

Kimmie's Perfect Man:
  • Has read a book in the last year.  You would think this isn't too much to ask...but it is. Example: If a guy says the last book they read is The Da Vinci Code, then he probably haven't read anything in a while, and I can't even be sure they have read that. Also, watching a movie based on a popular book doesn't count. If you've seen Fight Club, it doesn't make you a big Chuck Palahniuk fan by default.
  • Likes people and can carry on conversations. aka not a hermit. This is major.
  • Not a picky eater. This will not only impress me but would score majorly with my family. If you clean your plate- you're good as gold in my household.
  • Good taste in music.   I am slightly flexible on this, but feel I have to have some commonality in the music department. A guy can go from eh to very attractive if their Ipod is eclectic and not loaded with only Creed and Ludacris. Also, how great would it be to have someone to go to shows with?
  • Has a little bit of weirdo in him. I am a super odd bird, I need someone with a heaping helping of quirk.
  • ...Yet not mentally unstable.  I think sometimes guys mistake my quirk for crazy and want to have themselves a little Sid and Nancy kind of train wreck relationship...not what I'm into.
  • Likes to try new things.  If they only Play Call of Duty all day and night and don't ever leave the house, then love cannot flourish. 
  • Is a smart ass but not an ass hole. This is a fine line, but a distinction that needs to be made. 
  • Dance club enthusiasts are a no go.  If you are this guy...I'm not gonna be that girl.
OK. That is all, universe. Gimme what ya got.


  1. Are we pretending you didn't just ask the universe for Vince Vaughn meets Gideon Yago?

  2. I had totally forgotten about mister so glad i keep you around.


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