Friday, February 4, 2011

who do ya love?

this made me giggle.

While roving around Target last weekend trying to find a birthday gift for my friend Alex , I fell into the blaring red and hot pink vortex of the Valentine aisle. I'm not sure what drew me in, but I will wager it had something to do with M&Ms. While being overwhelmed with my options of seasonal dark chocolate candies, I was interupted with the sounds of our unfortunate hometown success story, Ke$ha.  I turned to find the source, expecting one of those musical greeting cards. What I found was so much better...

Really!??! A singing dancing tik-tok'in Ke$ha monster. What girl wouldn't be delighted to receive this from their long time mate? Nothing says I love you like "brushing your teeth with a bottle of Jack." That's so personal and heartfelt.

I have never been one to hate Valentine's day, but not one really to love it either. Though perpetually in a state of singleness around the holiday, I think the sentiment of having a "love" day is only a positive thing, so I attempt to embrace it for what it is and tell all my loved ones how much I care.

 Each year, I valiantly try not to be one of those Debbie Downers who host outings on February 14th, where everyone wears black and bitches about their solitary status all evening, or be the type who places all their happiness in their presence or absence of a "Valentine."

There are good things about not having a Valentine. I get to miss out on having to give the fake smile when getting an uninspired V-day gift. Many things that are deemed Valentine's Day appropriate by retailers are deemed unattractive by me.  Unlike Jane Seymour, I really am not a fan of heart inspired jewelry- so the idea of giving me a diamond heart pendant is out.

I don't like red roses or baby's breath and think its awful the way retailers price gouge on them during February. Tulips or a mixed bouquet are cheaper and to me, more original.
this is a bit excessive and very unnecessary.

So for those that share my single shoes this February 14th, try to look on the bright side of things. At least you won't have to find a place in your home for one of these monstrosities. In theory they seem like a funny idea, but they are pretty impossible to work into your decor.
That's right...its a 3 foot tall cat wearing a Tshirt that says, "You're Purrrfect." It's $159.

If you liked that one, you might like this one that's 8 feet tall and $539.

See...don't you feel better about being single? Need reassurance...go to this website.

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