Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I don't get it...

Today I had to kill some time, as I was unable to get into my house due to a temporary backyard mudslide, [Tangent: My tires need chains, because if no one is home and it's raining, I just can't navigate the hill to get into my house.] so I decided to wander the mall like a vagrant in business casual.

With no intention of buying anything, I headed into Forever 21 [Tangent: I generally really enjoy this store because its inexpensive and they have cute cardigans and little dresses and what not, but at times it makes me feel like I am roughly 97 years old because the trends are outta control.]. Within a few minutes of roaming the store, I saw not one, but two girls who I believe worked there, but looked as if they had just left the set of the Madonna Borderline video. I tried to snap a picture, but I was already that weird wheelchair girl shopping and not buying anything all by herself, [Tangent: As if I had wandered away from the center.], so I tried not to give any more reason to ostracize myself. Here's a close approximation.
wow...Madge has a lot of jelly bracelets.
 As I wove my way through the jeggings and adorable sweaters,  I came across a couple blast-from-the-past looks that made me uncomfortable yet curious.

First of these was looks is the romper.
At Forever 21, they had rompers in every possible incarnation: short, long, tube top, floral, striped, ruffled etc. Someone needs to prove me wrong, but I don't think this look is comfortable, functional or flattering. All I see is wedgies and fumbling to get out of it when you really have to pee. Even the word romper hearkens back to looks I rocked at age 8 [Tangent: Although, I think my romper was a lovely beige floral corduroy and accessorized with a shoelace bow. A winning look.]

I am 99% positive that's a romper she's wearing.
It also further perpetuates that if you have ever seen the amazing 90's teen angst film Welcome to the Dollhouse- you will see the parallels between Dawn Wiener's wardrobe and that of every hipster that roams the aisles of an Urban Outfitters in your neighborhood. I see way too many beautiful people trying to make themselves look ugly...and that makes me sad.
the romper strikes again.
 Forever 21 also made me realize that overalls are apparently coming back, which I find a little strange.
Horder Alert: Just months ago, I finally let go of my overalls that I have clung to since roughly 1995. For years, I resisted giving them to Goodwill  in hopes that a.) the would make a resurgence b.) that I would visit a farm and wish to be "in character" c.) that I would take on a large house painting project. Since the latter two options seemed more likely than the former, I let go of the dream as well as the denim. 

At this point in the hour of window shopping, my mind was reeling and my stomach was growling so I met my best friend at Chipotle, which I had never been to.  Chipotle is new to the Nashville area, and I have added it to the list of thing I don't "get." The food was delightful, but essentially, it was really just the same as any other place where you get a $6 burrito like Blue Coast/Baja Fresh/Moe's/Qdoba/Swanky's, etc. The difference is Chipotle charges extra if you want guacamole, forces you  to make the difficult choice between cheese and sour cream [Tangent: Why not both? There's plenty of room for all forms of dairy in my belly!] and it's interior is decorated inside like an Ikea store. [Tangent: This last element made me really unsettled. I have a great respect for minimalist design, I just have no idea how it relates to a big as your face burrito. This bizarre atmosphere is made even more eerie by the music, which is not light and fun like taco music should be; it's stuff from Beck's Sea Change album. It's almost as if someone got really stoned while they were designing an upscale stationary store and decided to sell Americanized Mexican fare instead.]


  1. In the rompers defense, I have to say that I own a few and they are oh SO comfortable...and rather cute if i do say so myself. But damn if you're not right about struggling when you have to pee! Tres annoying.

  2. I do agree some are cute, I just know if I bought one I would end up McGuyver'ing it into a dress to avoid the whole naked peeing thing.

  3. Chipotle has been on my "need to check it out" list - but your insight has caused me to cross it off my list! I'm not going somewhere that makes me chose between cheese and sour cream!

    I think I remember you in a romper! I need to dig through old pictures.

  4. if only we would have kept the stirrup pants and garish windbreakers of our youth. we, too, could be ugly-pretty!

  5. HOLD UP. Chipotle is amazing. Let me count the ways...

    1. Cilantro Rice. They put CILANTRO in RICE. Delicious.
    2. You can get cheese and sour cream. Don't let them deny you of that. i agree, the paying for guac thing is rather annoying, but you can get as much of whatever else you want. And if they don't let you, I'll come down there and yell at them.
    3. CARNITAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! seriously, if you didn't get carnitas then you were missing out.
    4. They are doing crazy cool things for the organic farming industry in the US. Bc they try to buy as much organic stuff as possible they are actually creating markets, which is enabling normal consumers to eat organic food at lower prices.
    5. you can get a free burrito on halloween if you dress up like a burrito.
    6. try the bowl, sans the tortilla. I like it better.
    7. this list is getting out of control. ENJOY!


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