Sunday, March 27, 2011

jenna rose > rebecca black

"partyin' partyin' YEAH!"

If you have been living in a 1960s bomb shelter (or you have a life and better ways to make use of your time),  you may be unfamiliar with Rebecca Black, the teenage singer (?) who has stormed the Internet with her video for Friday. [Tangent: After hearing the song, even once, I dare you not to hear the day mentioned and not correlate it with this song. Scientific fact- It's impossible!] I can't fault her, if my family was loaded, I may have wanted to make an overpriced and completely unnecessary music video with a cameo by a superfluous rapper when I was a youth..ya know, just because. [Tangent: Although this video will likely haunt her for decades to come, it also has probably already bought her first car and paid for her college.]

I commend the songwriters; although I know she didn't write the song and it is semi-terrible, it seems like something a thirteen-year-old would write:  partyin. excited for the weekends. deciding who should ride in the front seat or the back seat.  All of these are valid concerns for a teen...all seemingly ripped out of my Lisa Frank diary. 

Her video is responsible for tons of parodies and analyses [Tangent: This is one of my favorites, although they are all equally ridiculous, and I don't advise falling down that rabbit hole unless you pack a lunch.] and have been discussed in nearly every medium. I feel like Rebecca Black media saturation has nearly reached Charlie Sheen proportions. However,  I feel the Ark Music Group, which produced Rebecca's jam is responsible for something much greater. I present to you Jenna Rose and rap superstar (?) Baby Triggy with this timely tune about a very important issue: DENIM!

I think young Jenna deserves her stonewashed, bedazzled day in the sunshine. Anyway, Rebecca Black was so five minutes ago. [Tangent: <---do kids even still say that? Who am I kidding...there is plenty of autotune to go around.  Keep on keepin' on, internet tweens with rappin' sidekicks. ]

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  1. thank you (?) for this blog.

    i learned a lot of things today:

    i either have been living in a bomb shelter, or have a life.
    rebecca black and jenna rose look very similar and it creeps me out.
    the relative importance of where i choose to seat myself in a vehicle.


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