Monday, March 14, 2011

man, I love nashville.

Nashville is one of the loves of my life. As a native [Tangent: or as some people wrongly accuse a "townie"], I find new reasons everyday to take a deep exhilation and happily drink in my surroundings. Saturday night I did a lot of this. I went to go see my friend Jonni Greth, or as I have recently dubbed him "Grethro Tull," play at a coffee shop in the gentrified Gulch area. [Tangent: Gross, that just made me sound super hipster, which I'm not because I have Neill Diamond on my Ipod, and do so without a shred of irony. I just like Neill Diamond. I also am not a huge fan of "The Gulch" because I always feel very unhip. Additionally, I broke the revolving door at Cantina Loredo by trying to drive my wheelchair through it, when a hostess wouldn't direct me to a handi-friendly door. Not wanting to return to the scene of the crime, I try to not frequent the area.] During Jonni's performance, he used his stage time to pimp out my blog and a new writing project that I am working on as a means of "lighting a fire under my ass."  So now he gets a pimp spot in my blog.

Finding a musician in Nashville is like finding a weird hair in your Waffle House grilled cheese; It happens so much that it barely phases a person. Because of this, I have faked my way through seeing a lot of friends perform live and faking enthusiasm, but Jonni I actually think is very talented. Because I helped him write his bio, I knew that he was folksy and wove in allusions to old hymns into his songs, which of course [Tangent: Because I make assumptions] made me jump to conclusions and think he was gonna go all Michael W Smith on the audience (yikes.). Thankfully, I was so completely wrong. He writes ridiculously honest music about the happy and the not so happy aspects of life, while having this soothing Garfunkle air about him. Plus, he is a nice guy to boot....but you don't have to take my word for it:

The act that appeared right before Jonni was the polar opposite but equalled his level of awesome. It was a brother/sister act named Fablecry [Tangent: Not sure if they were actually brother/sister or brother/sister in the way The White Stripes are brother/sister.] who sang the following songs, while using drums, guitar, glockenspiel, violin, kazoo, tambourine, accordion and the ever-popular anklets of jingle bells [Tangent: At one point the "Meg White" of the duo played the glockenspiel with the bow from the violin. Incredible] :
  • A pirate participation song while male lead sported an eye patch
  • A song about a galactic seahorse
  • An end of days song about a cyborg that gets caught in a flood and rusts
  • A jam about a wayward coyote (lots of howling..)
  • A song about eating casserole at Epcot Center [Tangent: I think...I never really got that one, but to be honest it was my favorite.]
Although these sound like songs that an 8-year-old would dream up after imbibing too much Dimetapp, my horror soon turned to intrigue. Intrigue turned to acceptance. Acceptance transitioned easily into love due to their stellar stage presence and musicianship. I talked to them after, and even ran over the male lead's foot, who as super nice and reminded me of a Charlie Chaplin/Jack White/pirate hybrid.

The whole time I sat there clapping along ardently with perma-grin, I couldn't help but think of this...

When leaving the coffee shop, I passed 2 hipsterish gents on a ultra-high bicycle built for two cruising around. Upon passing them again on my route back home, I cranked the radio, and thought to myself, "Man, I love how weird Nashville is."

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  1. all that, and grethro's voice can lull wounded Peruvian Panthers into a blissful slumber. . .


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