Sunday, March 6, 2011

my centennial

this news makes me happier than luncheon meat.
This weekend has been a bust, I think I wore a mark in my den floor. I scarcely moved from my perch- in front of the computer and the TV and adjacent to some kind of artery clogging/sugar filled sustenance. Luckily, emotional funks tend to wake up the writer inside and basically that's all I have done all weekend. Crank out writing like a big ball factory [Tangent: I apologize for that obscure reference and am very disappointed with the Internet for not giving me the video I wanted to link to. I googled away looking for the late 80's commercial for The K'Nex Big Ball Factory where the little boy was so entranced by his toy that he couldn't leave its side, all the while repeating, "Crankin' out the big balls...crankin' out the big balls." Me describing it is just not as effective.] In the midst of the frenzied type fest, I stopped to read over some of my older blogs and realized that in 9 months, I have written 99 blogs. Suddenly the funk seemed to evaporate...I was seriously about to produce 100 of something- 100 individual and carefully constructed somethings. This was definitely newsworthy.

When I started blogging in July, the decision was fueled by boredom and bottle of Theraflu, making for a very well thought out project.  [Tangent: All my best, most decisive moves in life have been made in times of boredom or sleeplessness.] At the time, my life had not even begun to become the topsy turvy mess it evolved into in the last year. Through all the madness- I remained steadfast in my blogging. It seems bizarre to me that I could so easily write about my Cracker Barrel addiction and my affinity for terrible television, while personally my life was not as cheery. It served as the perfect distraction while I could get myself back to good. 

Although this blog has made me a whopping $4.62 in ad sales, it's been hands down the best "job" I've ever had. Everyone has been really super supportive and it's so nice to have people you haven't spoken to in years see you out somewhere and say, "Oh my god! I love your blog" as they then proceed to tell me which is their favorite post, or tell me that my bizarre fear blog has made them paranoid of several new innocuous things.  Call it vanity, but that makes me feel pretty damn proud of myself. 

Since I am not a long running TV series or someone receiving a morning shout-out from Willard Scott, I was unsure how to commemorate 100 of something. Getting the Franklin Mint to produce a commemorative plate seemed a little out of my price range, so I settled on sharing which blogs were my favorites [Tangent: Spoiler Alert- I didn't pick any of my top 10 most popular, because those are already getting the pimp spot in the right margins, and some of their popularity is based in the ridiculous images that they include making them hot on google image search. I chose to shine a light on some that are my personal favorites. Also, check out the amazing Franklin-Mint collector plate I found online...]
that's a beauty of a 'stache.

10. One of my newest favorites: Cobain and Cyrus...what could have been....

9. The first one three robot related blog posts [Tangent: This is also my mom's to the vagazzling blog]: Wanna bump droids?

8. I don't know why I love this post so much, maybe because it highlights my lameness with reckless abandon: Play With Your Bieber? 

7. This post epitomizes what I wish to convey with this whole blog thing: Handi-hitch your wagon to my star

6. My bad vision somehow leads to Stephanie Tanner....but don't all roads lead to Full House? : Oh say, I can't see

5. The infamous irrational fear blogs:  No Fear Vol 1; No Fear Vol 2

4.  My further proving that I am hoarder and showing how incredibly funny my loved ones are: TFLY Vol 1; TFLY Vol 2; TFLY Vol 3: Best Textchanges of '09/'10

3. Another example of my nerdiness: 10,000 hits; I know, right? 

2. This blog was so close to number 1: A festival of lights and awesome

1.  A sentimental favorite: Girl vs. MICU

Ok, kids that's all I got for you this evening. I hope that was a satisfactory centennial blog. If not, tough luck...I've got some Girl Scout cookies to tend to.

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