Wednesday, March 23, 2011

nostalgic tv adjustment

In my day job, my main duty is the ever-thrilling process of adjusting ill-paid insurance claims. It doesn't matter if the doctor of the processor messed it up, its my job to add the needed element and fix it so that it will all shake down as it should. Because I spend 30 hours a week doing this, I start to use terms like "ammendment" or "adjustment" in my everyday, non-insurance, life.

What am I getting at? Well it seems lately I will write a blog on a topic, and within minutes of finishing it, I will think of something I should have added to it or someone will leave me a comment of something I missed. One of these such blogs was my 80s-90s TV blog. The following is my I will do it insurance style.

BILL NOTE: THE PREVIOUS POST WAS SUBMITTED WITHOUT ADEQUATE DOCUMENTATION FOR SESAME STREET AND TODAY'S SPECIAL. POST ADJUSTED WITH THIS ADDITIONAL INFORMATION AND PROCESSED ACCORDINGLY. [Tangent: The ability to bill note has never benefitted me in the real world, and probably didn't benefit this post. I just wanted to see what it would feel like to try.]

The evening after I posted it, my mom told me I had totally neglected to mention the best example of how over-involved I was (and kind of still am) in my TV shows. When I was in preschool, Maria on Sesame Street got married to Luis. To 5-year-old Kimmie, this was like a royal wedding or a space shuttle takeoff...only bigger. The only two Hispanic inhabitants of Sesame Street were going to get married surrounded by their muppet friends; this was something I had to see.  I may or may not have cried at the very thought that my going to school would keep me from seeing it [Tangent: I'm pretty sure this was a couple years before VCRs so I was outta luck if I didn't see it live.]
see...look how excited Big Bird was!
My mom, having her priorities straight and being the mama she is, thought that since it was so important to me [Tangent: ....or as she worded it "these people were your friends"] that I would be allowed to stay home from school to watch it, so I did. I am unsure how that excused absence note looked, but I am forever grateful for her parenting decision because now I know what all the Muppets look like in formal wear.  [Tangent: Now that I look back on it, the great Sesame Street wedding probably overlapped with the day that we learned how to tie our shoes, because that was a basic skill that I was VERY far behind on learning.]

Sesame Street- Maria & Luis Get Married by aardvark917

My parents were always very enabling supportive of my television habit and felt that it was "cute" that I was so into the story lines. When I was little and would come home from pre-school, my mom would set up my little drawing desk so I could happily draw and eat my Ramen noodles while watching my lineup. David The Gnome. Maya The Bee. Today's Special. It was a formula for awesome.
the original gnomeo and juliet

I don't recall at all what this show was about, but it made me not scared of bees. I mean...look how adorable.

The. Best. Show. Ever.
The last show was my kryptonite. I loved it. Just the thought of it makes me question my current job, because when I was wee, I wanted to wear a pink jumpsuit everyday and have an interracial will-they-won't-they affair with a mannequin at a magical department store that inexplicably hires puppets as security guards. My current job does not match that description, even on casual Friday. [Cue the sad trombone.]

If you don't recall, Jeff, the hot dorky curly headed fella on the right was the mannequin, and here is how my guidebook, wikipedia, described him:
A mannequin with a magical hat that makes him come to life when someone says "hocus pocus alimagocus". If the hat comes off of his head, he turns back into a mannequin. He cannot leave the store or he will become a mannequin permanently (he can only go outside when he is on the building's roof or, in very rare episodes, when traveling by magic). Because he has not been alive for very long, he knows little about many everyday objects (at least in earlier seasons). However, he is often shown to be a fast learner, a deep thinker and a source of ideas. He is also a very talented dancer, which he gets to show off at some point in nearly every episode. Though he wishes that he was not bound by the rules of the spell that keeps him alive, he puts his friends' needs first.

So why did I have a crush on Jeff as a kid? He sounds sheltered, and he hangs out in the children's department all day. That's a bit worrysome. Oh, but wait, he's a talented dancer and wears a jaunty hat. SOLD!

I also had a little soft spot in my heart for Muffy Mouse, who had her own little mother-in-law apartment/mousehole somewhere within the store. [Tangent: Was it not a concern that they had mice in the store... much less mice that wore clothes and could talk? Who am I kidding...I love her regardless of her status as vermin.]  As a kid, I named all my stuffed animals because I was weird creative and I absolutely named one of them Muffy. [Tangent: I also had a Pound Puppy named Freddy Kreuger so I'm not sure what I am getting at.] I also remember being extremely distraught when muffy's pet butterfly died. That's some heavy shit for someone in Pre-K.

I'm pretty sure I aspired to live in Muffy's apartment as a kid.
It makes me wonder why mannequins coming to life was such a hot idea when I was younger? They were showbusiness's go-to storyline for a brief time, and something that hasn't been done in a while.  Besides Today's Special, the late 80's and early 90's blessed us with the Oscar-worthy Mannequin and Mannequin 2: On The Move.
Now...THIS is the best movie poster ever!
It was a simpler time then, and I miss it so.  Thanks for riding shotgun on my trip back down Nostalgia Lane. Adjustment complete ( least for now. BUH BUH BUMMMMM!) 


  1. I will sit in the front seat or the back seat anytime you want to take a nostalgia trip. Lest you think yourself strange, Today's Special too was my kryptonite and I spent feverish days seeking out anyone who could remember the name after years had passed and the name escaped me. I remember trying to explain the plot line and stating its parent network and time slot when one glorious day in high school Ashley Evans came to my rescue. Glory glory.

  2. i love Sesame Street, but that picture of BB = terrifying.


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