Sunday, March 13, 2011

self esteem facebook style

 I am what I would refer to as an overzealous Facebooker, [Tangent: I am not to the point where I post pictures of every meal I eat or link their video game systems to facebook, but I'm pretty bad. Let's call a spade a spade- I have a photo album devoted to my dog. In his defense, he's pretty frickin' rad, can you blame me?] the addiction has gotten exponentially worse since I got a smart phone.

However, today I realized that facebook must have gotten a poor impression of me judging by the advertising that they post in my margins. I am not stupid...I know I am inundated with dating site ads because my relationship status is "single", but some of the ads make me question the vibes I am sending out into the world of social media. I'll give you some examples:
hmmm...a large seemingly nude man in a cinder block room- that's absolutley the stock image I would select for Christian Mingle. However, I don't like facebook jumping to conclusions about what I am looking for in a man. It seems invasive.
Another case of the media not matching the message. There are so many things wrong with this...where to start? 
1. Why would you select a guy in a wifebeater making an awkward pouty/sexy face to denote a wealthy gentleman? 
2. Why is rich men one word? Is it a website for people that share that last name? That seems like an awfully specific niche. 
3. Does facebook think I'm a gold digger?
[Tangent: I can't even comment on the second image.]
If I wasn't up for the "richmen" or a guy who likes to dress like his pet- maybe facebook thinks I would be interested in a cat burglar who likes plus sized ladies. Sidenote: It has become apparent that facebook also thinks I am a big beautiful woman. Why do I think this....

...because they inundate me with more guys with a larger lady fetish and weight loss schemes. Should I email Mark Zuckerberg and tell him that I weigh a good 85 lbs? 

While I am emailing ol' Zuckerberg, maybe he should know that although I think sometimes that I am a strong black woman [Tangent: Like when I am watching Dreamgirls...], I am not one.

These were not the only misconceptions that social media had about me and my spending habits. I may be lame, but I don't want facebook to think I am. That's why people log into facebook to feel good about themselves. [Tangent: Don't lie, you know that if you have a status and people "like" it- a tiny ego boost occurs.] For every hip boutique or "how to get paid for your writing" ad, there are ones for home electrolysis kits and others imploring you to "like" Fancy Feast cat food. Here's a little visual aid:



  1. don't worry, kimmie. you will find your daddy warbucks someday.

  2. since my status is married my ads are mostly baby related, or weight loss. and of course lots of pug ads. which i hate because i am tempted to click them!


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