Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"shock me...shock me...shock me...with that deviant behavior"

prepare to be as shocked as this adorable monkey.

So, apparently I am controversial. I know...I know...I am about as edgy as a butterknife- so what a turn of events this was! In my convoluted imaginings, I am the Marilyn Manson of the blogosphere, but let's be honest, I'm more like the Richard Marx. This status quo has always been OK by me, but now I have tasted the sweet & sour flavor of controversy, and I LOVE IT!

Let me explain...several people I know and love have really championed my blog and make it a point to spam their friends with my postings. One of these Kimmie cheerleaders texted me today with the following message:
I haven't read your latest blog yet. The two I read yesterday caused the nurses I work with to read and it sparked all this debate and conversation...a hot mess.
I pressed on to find out what occurred, he informed me that it spurred a debate over exploitation and the role of truth in satire [Tangent: I radiate with joy everytime I see someone step back and go "hmmm..." and reexamine how they view things, so of course, I wanted details.]. He further explained:
One lady took issue, felt that there was some machine like pressure, tricking you into participating in this blog. She was highly offended. I then told her that I knew you, and it was 100% from your sick mind. Apparently she thought we were laughing at some poor exploited girl in a wheelchair. I informed her you were speaking against a stereotype and that she was racist against handicapped people. She still thought it was wrong.

As evidenced by the above events, it should be clear that I truly have the most badass friends on the planet. My mind scanned my recent blog posts trying to see evidence of exploitation and I could find nary a one [Tangent: I did realize that I reference the Kardashians and Maury Povich a whole lot. If anyone is being exploited, it's them. To my knowledge they are both 'uprights' (my favorite nickname for able bodied people.)] I guess I was naive to think everyone with access to the interweb would understand my weird humor, and that: Yes, I am writing these posts with no outside influence. No, I have not been lobotomized and forced to blog against my will. [Tangent: Although given my penchant for writing robot themed posts, it does make one wonder...]. Newsflash: Wheelchair people can be smart, and I could easily find you examples, but thanks for your concern, lady. 

To be fair, this lady was probably ill-informed and was never taught the difference between laughing at and laughing with. I'm sure she would be much more at ease if I was sad cripple, who Eeyore'd around wanting people to feel like their existence had to be on eggshells constantly, but unfortunately that's just a waste of energy and not my style. That charade seems incredibly exhausting.  In the words of Natalie Portman in Garden State, "If you don't laugh at yourself, life's gonna seem a lot longer than you'd like." 

OK, the view from the soapbox is giving me vertigo, its time to step off it for the time being, but I leave you with this video, because this is how I could be...but I am not much of a spelunker. 


  1. few things:
    1. i love that video so much.
    2. i am pretty sure that people in wheelchairs are in fact people, and that as members of the human race, it is impossible to be racist against us. so that lady doesn't have to judge the people who tricked you into blogging.
    3. i was humbled and disappointed to note that Dr Hawking's page-and not my own insignificant blog site-was your link proving the differently-abled are super smart.
    4. "uprights" is hilarious. i also enjoy "walkies", "normals", and "bipeds".

  2. i like the mental picture/idea that you are chained up and forced to write this blog.


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