Tuesday, March 29, 2011

whats your type?

this is always funny to me.

Today was a big day, I became "facebook official" with a major relationship in my life...my relationship with typography.

Under normal circumstances, I try to keep this love of mine under Fort Knox surveillance, because as several in my life know, it's something seemingly mundane that I have WAY too many opinions about. [Tangent: NERD ALERT- lately I have been very into handwriting type fonts, but generally I enjoy a typeface like garamond. Also, I hate when people use display font in several lines of text... I don't care to see anyone's paragraph written in Jokerman. One more thing... all caps and white text on dark backgrounds enrage my pupils if its in more than one line of text. I really could go on all day.] As shown in the prior tangent, once I start talking text, it results in a full on nerdgasm. 

Who is to blame? Let's start with my art and media design teachers in college for making me unable to view magazine layouts, billboards or even street signs without thinking things like:

"Ya know...There are other text fonts besides Times New Roman." 


"Gross! Anyone who loves apple chancery should be stoned!"

go check out this blog.
Prior to college, my typeface ignorance was bliss, and now I not only seek out, but get overly excited about everything font! This weight feels nice coming off my shoulders as I come clean with my addiction. [Tangent: If fonts were like Itunes and charged per download- I would be selling "The Contibutor" on the streetcorner.]

Who else is to blame? The makers of the film Helvetica (trailer shown below), because after having it pop into my Netflix queue a couple years ago, I watched it. I may have watched it twice, and likely there was a lot of rewinding and fast forwarding during the good parts. [Tangent: I am admitting this as if it was porn...it wasn't...it was about as far from as you could possibly get, but to me it was just as juicy.] If you make the plunge to sit through it- please be forewarned you will either come out of it loving Helvetica, or loathing it from its overuse. I am not a huge fan because I find it's over abundance annoying, but have a respect for it (kinda like my feeling towards Tyra Banks).

Designing a font is definitely on my bucket list, sometimes I just look at blogs like these and check out what some typography artists are up to. It could happen...maybe one day your kid's research papers will be required to be double spaced 12 pt. Kimmie.  [Tangent: Who am I kidding? I am more a display font kinda gal.]

OK, at this point you have probably already stopped reading, or you are as much of a dork as I am [Tangent: In which case, my sincerest apologies.]. For those that stuck around...here are some pretty pictures!

...the only time you'll see me endorsing guns.

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  1. here and now. i vow to never send, print, or promote anything having even the remotest connection to comic sans.


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