Tuesday, April 5, 2011


The other day while spending some time catching up on blogs I follow on bloglovin, I came across my blogger friend Chris's blog, Pooping With The Door Open, where he expresses his concern that bacon is becoming too trendy and thus about to jump the shark. [Tangent: Yes, I am talking bacon as in the delicious salty breakfast meat, not the actor Kevin Bacon...he hasn't been trendy since the late 80s.]At first I disagreed a bit with his theories.  Who doesn't love bacon? [Vegans.] Also, I had seen the extreme eating videos on youtube where they deep fry twinkies wrapped in bacon (or things of that high class nature), and I've seen bacon bandaids/tshirts/sunglasses/koozies sold at novelty stores. Things for bacon really seem to be sizzling. [<---worst pun ever.]
bacon floss? I'm intrigued.

Maybe a day after reading his post, the point was made when I actually saw the commercial he referenced, for  Denny's new ALL BACON MENU and Baconalia ad campaign. [Tangent: I am super curious if the Denny's demographic knows that the term is based on the "bacchanalia" which basically means a boozy orgy (Its one of the few vocabulary words I remember from 10th grade).  I love bacon, but I don't wanna get freaky with it. ]
so apparently a hearty bacon laiden breakfast should make  you randy?

...just add bacon.

It's no wonder that other countries think we are ridiculous [Tangent: My blog is likely not helping.], and that we as a people are so overweight...

I am not sure why this fad happened, and it makes me feel a sense of sorrow that other meats are getting neglected due to all this culture proliferation by bacon, who is coming off as a bit of a d-bag now. I love salami...maybe 2012 will be its year. Until then...



  1. The question that begs to be asked is "WHY were you being taught a word that meant boozy orgy in the 10th grade!?!?"

  2. bacon is the thing i have missed most since becoming a vegetarian. i once bought travis a bacon air freshener, but sadly, it smelled more like mothballs.

  3. i must know how you reconcile the sentiments driving this post with. . . um. . . your affinity for a certain Ancient Ethnic Group that has dissenting opinions regarding my favorite side dish.


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