Sunday, April 17, 2011

kids table?

Lately I have noticed a trend at parties I attend that is kind of new territory for me - everyone is married. I don't know when the shift happened...I am guessing when I crossed the threshold of being closer to 30 than 25. This transition from keggers to dinner parties is kinda nice. It's a little refreshing to go to a party and talk about politics and books. Being around smart stable people keeps me on my toes and god knows I love a good conversation, but part of me misses the old days of single men, keg stands, "never have I ever," patio rap battles [Tangent:New Years 2005 was a good time.] and staying out past 10 pm.

My life was never a Katy Perry video, but I have had some amazing memories of being young and stupid, and have blackmail pictures to prove it.   I'd never consider myself the kind of girl that wants to "make it weird" when hanging out with couples, because I love them, I still kinda feel like I'm sometimes sent to the proverbial "kids table." Sure, I have responsibilities and expenses, but I am in no way a property owner or thinking ahead to what schools I am going to send my hypothetical children to.  When constantly surrounded by married people, I feel like my awareness is heightened to the fact that I am a grownup now, yet one that's in a very different place. I am OK with my place. Sure it sucks to be alone, but in other ways, I am living the dream...I can make large purchases without having to get approval and can flirt with a myriad of gentleman. Seems like a win/win. 

When I started this blog earlier today, I was chatting with my married friend Amber in Saudi Arabia [Tangent: Or as I like to call it "The Big Sandy"] about this topic.

Amber:  I was just looking at the rundown of the top 50 songs this week and thinking about how much I would LOOVE so many of those songs if I was still in college they would be my going out songs

Me: I KNOW...thats a point I might when I was in college ....i loved Ludacris...past tense...but I can't see myself getting really hyped about a new luda album.  when did I get old?

Amber: exactly!! I could see college me dancing to Britney's new single like a BAWSE

Me: EXACTLY. although in college I tried to pretend that I didn't love Brit Brit, but I totally had the CD with Toxic and the uncomfortable "touch of my hand" song. 

So what am I trying to say (besides the obvious creepiness of "Touch of my Hand")?  I am not sure. I just know that sometimes I get those little reminders that "geez, I'm an adult now."  Ex: Today I saw this metal Hello Kitty lunch box at Old Navy and thought " be in 7th grade again." [Tangent: Yes, I realize Hello Kitty is targeted at a much younger demo, but when I was in middle school, you weren't cool unless you had a Keroppi pencil pouch.]

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  1. Although we are all now in our 20s-30s, respectively, my cousins and I still seem to maintain the Kids Table seating configuration at Family Gatherings. Why mess up a good thing, right? [This means we can talk about books AND make fun of our parents: best of BOTH worlds!]


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