Monday, April 18, 2011

nashville goes a' film festin'

damon wayans in a mini hat is one of my go-to giggle inducers
My friend Beth knows everyone in Nashville [Tangent: This is not hyperbole. I don't have enough fingers and toes to count the amount of times someone has said, "Oh, wow! How do you know Beth?!?!] , so I love that I am her friend, because it somehow keeps me on the inside track of goings on about town. Her cousin's wife was in a short film in the Nashville Film Festival and since I love the creative people and the illusion of pretention, I was all about it. Thankfully, the movie we went to see, entitled 30 Day Challenge was kind of amazing and funny and packed a lot of film into a half hour, so I didn't have to lie and say that it was "an interesting choice stylistically."

Because short films are just that, we decided to stay and screen several. Nearly each screening we saw were either brilliant or tore your heart out of your chest a little and made you look at it. Overall, I was impressed with Nashville (as I am 99% of the time, when I am not wanting to punch a stupid redneck in the throat.).

There was however one film that baffled me a little, and the whole 21 minutes of run time, I was baffled, thinking its high art was a reflection of low art [or as I like to call it "my art"]. Let me explain- The movie was about a drunken man dying in the gutter while events of his life were played in the background, and he came to terms with the life he had missed. The whole time I was picturing the below imagery in my head which basically matched frame by frame. [Tangent: This is, in turn, why I don't get invited to things like this, because everything I encounter, I try to somehow relate to an episode of Full House,  The Simpsons or 90210.]

The version above is the Spanish translated version [Tangent: Aside from about 20 reenactments of this made by drunken film students, all of the actual versions of "Pukahontas" on youtube were in other languages for some inexplicable reason. Trust that I wasn't doing it for the sake of being "artsy".] was Barney Gumble's submission in the Springfield Film Festival sometime during the period where I watched The Simpsons with zealot-like enthusiasm.  The entire time I sat through that film in the theater last night, I couldn't help but think I was watching a parody of "Pukahontas," which really just a satire of short art house films in general. How's that for being "meta"?

If that was the case, then the movie I saw yesterday was hilarious. Unfortunately, I am 98.5% percent certain that the film makers were not that self-aware [Tangent: A lot of hipsters don't watch TV. I hurts my heart.], in which case the movie was just "meh" and felt like a long public service announcement.

In other news, go see Scream surpassed my low expectations. 


  1. Football in the groin! Football in the groin!

    They had to have been aware. Everybody has seen that episode of The Simpsons. Well, at least anybody I want to associate with.

    And yes, Scream 4 was good. The beginning had me worried, but overall it was enjoyable. Much more than part 3.


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