Sunday, April 24, 2011

oh, yahoo've done it again

In keeping with my theme of stream of consciousness, not completely thought out Sunday blogs, I thought I would make up today's Easter edition completely as I go [Tangent: By the way Happy Easter, folks. I celebrated with a patty melt at Steak N' Shake and by keeping my best friend company as she worked her extremely slow bar shift today. Apparently, Easter is not a big drinking holiday. Maybe they should have offered wine specials. I capped it off with a nap and watching "It's Kind of A Funny Story." Nothing says Easter like a movie about mental patients. ] As a starting point, I once again looked to you lovely readers. As you know, my favorite thing about this blog is learning about my beloved and possibly mentally unstable followers, because I get to see things like this when clicking links on my stats page:

Some comfort should be taken that I was not #1 on this, because if there's one thing I lack, its hairy hands.  Make note of that.
To me, the things that are the most hilarious are not intended to be. Human nature is funny enough, you just sometimes have to know where to look. Most of my friends share my odd sense of humor, which is helpful in not making me seem heartless or crazy. In fact, one of my favorite internet past times  is one I have gleaned from my friend, Turin- scouting Yahoo answers. [Tangent: He has at least 4x had to set up new accounts for Yahoo answers for giving people terrible advice, which makes me all the more glad he is my friend.] With very little searching, you will soon realize that they are unintentionally funny 75% of the time.  With great excitement, I noticed I was somehow linked with this site the other day, so out of curiosity, I typed the word "wheelchair" in to see what queries came up. As suspected, I HIT THE JACKPOT!

*I feel like the fact that he began his question with "once again" infers that this is not the first time he has hosted a handi-party at his home, which makes me curious as to how the first one went...I can only imagine it was unseuccessful and riddled with awkward. The highlight for me was "should I pretend that I someday want to be in a wheelchair?" mostly because that is something I have never encountered. [Tangent: Although, I have always suspected that its everyone's lifelong aspiration.] This post was not an isolated incident, truly, the hits kept on coming.

 * I really wish there had been able to view the nine answers posted for this one, but for obvious reasons it was deleted by the asker. As a former bus rider, I can say race was never a factor in people getting irritated with me riding, but I feel it was a good starting point for a Katt Williams or Chris Rock bit. If that's the case, bring it, I would love to hear what they come up with.

*I can only imagine the people asking these questions are either joking or shut-ins. Surely, someone isn't this misinformed. At the rate of sounding like a Lifetime movie, "wheelchair people" can do any job they want...barring tightrope walker, Harlem Globetrotter or step aerobics instructor. People can fly out of their wheelchairs for many reasons[Tangent: For this I can vouch...I have a lot of scars.], but it worries me that someone is trying to find a reason to make it happen. Also, if you are going to get someone a wheelchair-centric gift- be prepared for backlash, unless they are like me and might find the humor in it. Moral of the story: don't buy your disabled acquaintance some kind of durable medical equipment.

Ok...That's all I got. I have a choco bunny to finish.


  1. I have secretly wanted to drive that thing for a while.

  2. Oh man, I couldn't imagine "having to have wheelchair people over to my house" all the time. What a trooper!


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