Sunday, April 10, 2011 this is filler?

I intended to blog about something else today, but was feeling lazy and unintelligible and just thought instead, I would share some fun things that have been making me giggle lately.

As I have established time and time again, I am obsessed with seeing what weird back alleys lead people to my little dog and pony show of a website. Google is like Big Brother, and I know that some of you sickos were googling something altogether different when you fell upon this post.   In addition to the disapointment they received from my blog and its lack of fetishism, those pervs deserve at the very least a Tim Gunn look of disapproval

see. doesn't that make you feel worse about your actions. good.
Then there are the more innocent, but no less bizarre Interweb queries that pop up on my Blogger stats page:

"Wheelchair girl ribbon dance" [Does someone have video of my 4th grade gym class rendition of an Amy Grant song?!?! God, I hope so.]
"Turtles in girdles"
"picture of brushing the teeth of a male patient in wheelchair" [To me, this seems awfully specific.]
"I’m sporty" [Really!?!?]
"Meth bumps" [This comes up A LOT.]
"Girl in sexy bear suit"
"Sexy adult baby costume"

Also, apparently Maury Povich fat babies are super "hot" right now, because they continue to pop up like whack-a-moles everyday as search terms. [Tangent: Not to mention that the blog that covers that very topic is currently my second most read blog, and it's only a month old. What is going on in the Maury-verse?]

Don't even get me started on "if you sprinkle when you tinkle" and why three people found me that way this week.  Apparently that old southern adage was also trendy in the last several days.

Ok, do I still have your attention? For those that read through this batch of gibberish: I leave you with a present which has been entertaining me, my coworkers and several of my friends all week. If you don't think its funny,  our friendship may be pending. It's a kooky lady in Florida who owns a sugar bush squirrel and puts it in really inappropriate historical scenarios. Have you ever wondered how a squirrel would interpret Michael Jackson's death, Suri Cruise's birth, Sadam Hussein's capture or pay tribute to Jean Benet Ramsey? Well, click here and wonder no more..

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  1. as usual, i giggled uncontrollably.
    and upon investigating my own stats in order to compare notes, i discovered that not one, but two people have found my fair site using the phrase 'i can haz wagon'. let that simmer.


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