Monday, May 16, 2011

Cicadas: not so buzzworthy

For the last month, all I have been hearing about is the re-emergence of the 13 year cicadas in Middle Tennessee. If you are not a local, you may be questioning what the hell you are about to read about, but cicadas are bugs about the size of a date [Tangent: I really am bad at size comparisons clearly because I think dates are nasty.] with red eyes that make a nails-on-the chalkboard screech as they hurdle through the air. Cicadas are a bit "hit it and quite it"- they come out, mate and then lay their eggs underground to come out in either 8 or 13 year cycles. (learn more about it on this site that my friend and follower Jessy worked on.)

To me, it's a bit mind boggling Wes Craven or John Carpenter hasn't jumped onboard a horror movie franchise. I mean I have seen worse film concepts (see below):

Being a native, as soon as I realized this was "the year", I started having Nam-style flashbacks of changing classes outside in high school and having douche bags classmates shake the trees as ladies passed, which caused a swarm of black winged demons to be released en mass. I also have faint memory of little Kimmie not wanting to go outside and play because their carcasses were covering the patio. [Tangent: At the time of my first cicada run-in, I was scared E.T. and 99% of the Showbiz Pizza gang, so anything with the tiniest ounce of a creepy factor made me throw a grand mal freakout.]

However, now I am am old, and I LOVE the weird, creepy and scary...I would welcome the temporary novelty of cicada invasion. To my dismay all my cicadas in my backyard were kind and courteous and more often heard than seen. I see friend's posts on facebook and twitter detailing their run-ins with the bugs and I hate to admit I felt a little left out. 

Maybe its the fact that I have been "hermitically" sealed in my house for several days trying to keep allergens at bay [Tangent: By the way....I am healed!] or the fact that locally, we have gotten a hella lotta rain and had cold temperatures, but I have only seen one measly living cicada (and it was very polite). Is it weird that I am slightly disappointed by this? Likely...but I never claimed normalcy. 


  1. yeah what the heck....they're not that bad...I mean don't get me wrong, they are nasty, but not that bad!!

  2. did you know they have a show biz pizza anamatronic set at the strike and spare on charlotte pike? they are never working when i'm there but i always have a nostalgic freak out.

  3. Yes!!!! Ive heard. Never witnessed it

  4. I was kind and understanding toward those little demon freak-bugs. Till one landed on my lip.


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