Monday, May 9, 2011

I am my mother's daughter

Anyone who has ever talked to me for more than 5 minutes knows how much I love my mother and father. They both have this special brand of undiagnosed insanity that gets me from day to day. They are so much more than family, they are my roommates after all.

For mother's day, I told my mom that I would write a blog about was an offhanded comment but a comment that made her start crying [Tangent: To put it mildly, my mom is not afraid to feel feelings. She always cries... at everything from Ellen giveaways to parades. I even once caught her sobbing watching Khloe and Lamar getting married on Keeping up With the Kardashians.] This mushiness gene is something I love about my mom, and for quite some time, I have thought my tin man sensibilities meant that it had skipped a generation. However lately, I have come to realize that I am shapeshifting into my sweet mama. I did turn into a bag of goo the other day when I saw this commercial...

Then I took mom to see Water For Elephants on Sunday, and from the Polish spoken in the opening sequence- I was gone. Giant ugly tears all over my face. I kept looking over at my mom sitting next to me and kept thinking of her Polish mama that I never got to meet. My mom's parents died when she was barely a teenager, so all I know of them is distant stories, but I know they were amazing because they made her.

I may be a little biased, but seriously anyone that has ever met my mom loves her and considers her a surrogate mother without being in her periphery for 5 minutes. With 85% certainty I can say, my friends are only using me as a means of getting to my mother. This is the woman that taught me all the words to King of The Road when I was 7 and still gives me and my siblings (ages 28-36) an Easter basket every year. She is so unbelievably funny and without question is the most hilarious person I have ever encountered.

Over the course of 2010, Mama and I definitely went through a lot together including both of our little brushes with death (Ex A and Ex B). It will definitely take some time to forget the way it felt sitting in the hallway outside her hospital room after seeing all the doctors in nurses rush in not knowing what was going on, or the way it felt when I opened my eyes and she wasn't there. I love her with every corner of my heart and know the feeling is mutual. There is no way to repay her for the times I have made her worry, the grilled cheese sandwiches she has made for me or the millions of legendary hugs. I thought the best thing to do would be to rip off my friend Sam, and thank my mom for the many things she has passed on to me:
  • My mom gave me a love of projects, which is most of the reason I became an advertising major. Whenever I was assigned a school diorama or book report, she would help and we would both always get very carried away and stay up too late making log cabins out of sticks or salt maps of Tennessee topography.
  • My mom taught me how to be frugal...when I was little she used to give me a penny for every coupon I clipped
  • My mom instilled in me the merits of practicality. I remember when I was little I really wanted Chuck Taylor All-Stars, but since I don't walk on my shoes, they were never something my family spent a lot of money she cut the tongue tag off an old pair belonging to my sister and glued it onto a knockoff pair she bought me. I loved them.
  • Every Halloween was a big deal in my family. My mom always made our costumes...and she still kinda does...I mean she gave my 30-year-old sister a kick ass Snooki pouf last year.
  • She has passed on a love of hot dogs. I swear I still think a could tell you at least 10 happy memories that revolved around hot dogs. She has also taught us not to be pretentious, obviously.
  • I still say for the most part me and mom have very similar taste in music. If Simon and Garfunkel were still cranking out tunes- I would have their poster on my wall. 
Basically,  long story short- I love you ladybug!
that's right...elton john! Look how excited we are.


  1. this is so perfect. i love your mama, too. xo

  2. i love you and i love your mom :)

    i cried, shocking, i know.

  3. Your MOM. . . is Awesome! I know I am way behind on affirming it, but I mean it all the same! Our moms are quite the ladies for putting up with us all these years. [I know, I should probably speak for myself, but something tells me you'd agree. . .]


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