Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I still want my turkey leg.

Because I didn't eat one....I had to find one online. best. google. find. ever.

So...I know I have been gone for a while but I have had some time sucks on my life that have happily distracted me a little bit from blogging, but fear not, I am back and with a vengeance. Today is the last day of Moustache May so that time suck will recede, and hopefully, I will have more time for my first priority, writing and entertaining you fine people. [Tangent: Judge away for my participation with friends on a website that celebrates month long ironic facial hair...you will never understand the awesome. Need proof?]

Besides participating in the above ballyhoo this fine Memorial Day weekend with some of my favorite 'stached enthusiasts, I also did something I have always wanted to do, but never done. I went to a Renaissance Festival. [Tangent: I am not what you can a larper/Ren fest kinda gal. It is in no way my scene...but I love festivals, people watching and food tents- so it seemed like the mother ship was honing me in.] I am not sure if it lived up to my lofty expectations, especially considering the "Sorry, We're Out of Turkey Legs" signs that were hung on every food tent, but I did learn some valuable lessons that I would like to share: 

Lessons learned at The Tennessee Renaissance Festival:

  • Fried Oreos are like crack and magic kinda awesome. As a chunked out middle schooler, I am sure I dreamed of a funnel cake/oreo hybrid...and now, as a thinner adult, I know this mystical thing to be a reality.
  • Its completely appropriate for you to tart up your child in fishnets and high boots with the caveat that you are "in character"
  • Ren fest enthusiasts are not AT ALL body conscious. There were multiple points in the day where I had to double take a woman in a midriff top, wondering if they had given birth to triplets hours earlier. Usually her stretched out Tweety Tattoo was an indicator.
  • Pirates and Klingons apparently had some part of the medieval lifestyle...at least according to the costumes I saw roving around in the woods [Tangent: It seems some just hit the Party City day after Halloween sale and chose to get the most out of their clearance purchase.] 
  • Nothing can beat an adult male in a full Link costume.
  • Camel rides were available, which leads me to believe Jerusalem was annexed into the European Rennaissance period. 
  • It detracts a bit from a period costume when the wearer has a yard beer in their right hand and a pack of Basic ultras in their left. 
So basically, long story short...I marked the Ren Fest off my bucket list and got some tan, so all in all Win/Win...but I still am craving a turkey leg .

I will leave you with one last mythological present:


  1. i don't really think it's ironic. it's a part of manhood. DEAL WITH IT.

    clame. oh wait. just go here.


  2. bwabhahhaa. Migs just CLAMED

  3. omg! I almost blogged about how odd walking around with a turkey leg is! Love it! Our minds think alike and that my friend is scary!

  4. This reminds me of my conversation with Sarah's roommate about her wanting to hit on Robin Hood, which I would have otherwise had to go an entire day without thinking about. So thank you.


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