Sunday, May 1, 2011

karma is not a bitch!

Next time I start complaining that there is a sadistic puppeteer pulling my strings, please remind me of what an unbelievably smooth and luck-filled weekend this has been. Its not like I met the love of my life or won Miss America- but there were definitely good vibrations surrounding me. [Tangent: I really feel like I missed the chance to dominate Powerball or at the very least get into some heated battles of rock, paper, scissors.]

1. I went downtown the Friday before the Country Music Marathon with the assumption that parking would be a clusterf**k and I may or may not get a parking ticket or hit a drunk tourist in cowboy boots by evening's end. Neither occurred- parked for free, had a lovely evening and got in and out quicker than normal. BAFFLING!

2. By shear luck of knowing people with connections, I got the holy grail: unattainable handicapped accessible Predators playoff tickets that I've been pining after. Take that ticketmaster! "Unavailable due to high demand"- my ass.  [Tangent: I know what you are thinking, "Kimmie is not a sporty dame!" but you are incorrect- I just feel watching televised sports is an arduous undertaking, and I save my competitive nature for episodes of American Idol. However, I do enjoy a live game of anything- especially hockey- plus, I am the Pred's good luck charm. Whenever I pay attention to them, they've won by a landslide or at the very least an OT nailbiter. My pressence is needed so they can beat the Canucks in the playoffs. Besides, there are so many good puns to make with the word Canuck. My mind reels with T-shirt making ideas.]

3. Saturday I was sitting at my friend's bar getting drunk on sweet tea and fudge pie...I struck up a conversation with the nice gentleman next to me...I think we discussed how Bubba is a curious name for a pro golfer [<--- the Kimmie version of sports talk.] and possibly the royal wedding.  I have bar sat in his vicinity before and recalled that he had bought me and my friends dinner and drinks last time, but I in no way had expectations for a reboot of that level of undeserved generosity. As he was leaving he handed me a $100 gift card- for "having a fantastic attitude." Seriously?!?! Cherry. Cherry. Cherry. Jackpot.  Rarely has my gift for making small talk ever paid off. It was kind of refreshing- like jumping into a pool of Fresca. 

4. Today, my intentions were to go check out the Franklin Main Street Festival [Tangent: I love a good street fair- stick meat and handicrafts are a recipe for awesome in my cookbook.] but the sky looked as if it was peeled out of a Tim Burton movie, so I ran some errands as I patiently waited for the sunshine.
I had all but given up hope to smell the lovely fragrance of fried pies with my own nostrils, but as I got to be a mile from downtown Franklin,  the sun emerged. As if by bat signal, I honed in on a free handicapped parking space within a block of the entrance and with ample room to let my ramp down- That's like seeing the just doesn't happen! Usually I have to round the block a few times, scrape the the bottom of Big Brown, knock over some parking cones and spew out a string of expletives before I find somewhere that may or may not be an actual space, and where I may or may not get towed. 

All in all, I will put a "X" in the win column for this weekend. I only hope all remains fine and dandy the rest of the springtime, because this time last year shit was hitting the oscillating fan with the great flood of '10 in Nashville and various other life changes.  Good karma is definitely welcome here.

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  1. I now see the reason why things don't go right for me. I obviously have a terrible attitude. [Makes mental note to "Aim for Fantastic". . .]


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