Friday, May 6, 2011

moustache may I?

So...I have previously stated how much I appreciate a good beard, but what about the sweet creepy cousin of the beard- the moustache? [Tangent: Apparently that is how the moustache enthusiasts spell it, but mustache is what spellcheck deems correct...go figure? Apparently Bill Gates is not a facial hair aficionado.]  Previous to about a year ago this month, I can't lie I was a little leery of this breed of facial hair configuration. It's a look that I had always identified with 1970's porn stars and 1980's Nascar drivers (and maybe 1890's train robbers.) However, a year later- I am born again in the church of 'stache and came away with a true understanding of how magical an above the lip strip can be- all it took was Moustache May.

to me, ol' Sal would be Moustache Mayor everyday.
Last May, my friend, Binkley, undertook the month long creative photo project helmed by this website, and allowed me to be involved. He must have recognized my ability to take the ridiculous very seriously. [Tangent: "Involving me" basically means that I foisted my my insane ideas upon him or I lent him access to my puppy or  feather boa. Since I don't have a penis or the ability to grow stubble (thank god on both counts), I wasn't an active part of it.] Coming up with crazy concepts was a fun bonding activity for me and B and it was interesting to be on the outskirts of such a bizarre fraternity of facial hair. It was touching to hear my friend get so excited about his unorthodox new hobby. The need to spread the joy was imminent, so I involved my one of my best friends, Alicia, in my admittedly creepy dedication to checking the site. [Tangent: I know this seems tragically lame and a waste of time that I could have spent feeding the hungry or organizing sack races to fight Lupus...or something of that nature, but my love of a good internet time suck is fierce. Also, the site has made provisions for this kind of activity, so it can't be that unusual. Those admirers and 'stache respecters male and female can sign up as lurkers. This year, you bet your moustachioed ass that I have a lurker profile....because last year I was just unofficially lurking, which makes me more of a creeper. My logic is sometimes like a silly straw, but to me being an official lurker seemed more kosher.]

Sabotage homage.
Almost daily, over the course of May 2010, Alicia and I would email and text each other commentary, trading notes on our moustache picks as if they were stats off of baseball cards. Jokingly, we even coined the term "mush crushes." [Tangent: Mush crush= guys with staches who were decidedly easy on the eyes.] My innocent appreciation varied from day to day due to my overwhelming indecisiveness, but Alicia only had eyes for one. The day she laid her peepers on the following picture- little cartoon hearts started appearing around her cranium:

Her Mush Crush's name was Miguelito, and Alicia liked what she saw on her computer screen. Because my good gal pal is a photography savant, she immediately recognized his impressive level of skill. Because my friend is a lover of The Big Lebowski, she recognized his stellar taste. Because Alicia owns those very novelty sunglasses and wears them unabashedly, she knew it was love. least my friend did.

All my friends, especially the ladies, are ridiculously ballsy and Miguelito's facebook link was plainly listed on his profile, so mi amiga decided to send him a fan letter, where somewhere in it she assured him she was not a crazy shut-in. She just listened to her heart instead of her head. Apparently, he didn't think she was a stalker, because the fan letter snowballed into lots of back and forth emails...which progressed into marathon phone calls...and led to a road trip to Detroit...and after less then a year-  resulted in Miguel moving to Nashville so they could have one happy moustache family.
now she lurks from a shorter the couch...
Unfortunately, this is the last official year for this incarnation of Moustache May, but it has certainly made an impact at least in a couple lives. Feeling left out? Don't to can be'stache yourself any time of year. This one's on me.


  1. in lieu of mush-crush, i think i'm going to start referring to my MM favorite as my "crushtache". what do you think?

  2. haha I love hearing mm and whiskerino backstories. YOURS IS FUN!


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