Monday, May 2, 2011

osama bin blog post

You know how they say you remember where you were when important events happened. [Tangent: I was laying in bed watching 20/20 when Princess Diana got in her wreck...I was coming home from school Sophomore year when a friend called to tell me about Columbine...I was getting ready for a Psychology exam in my dorm when 9/11 happened...I was en route to my friend Alicia's house when Michael Jackson died.]. While some were at Ground Zero singing "God Bless America" when Osama Bin Laden was killed- I was watching Family Guy on Cartoon Network with my father. [Tangent: This is not as exciting a story to tell my children, but its a Sunday night, and I am working girl- sue me for having a lame lifestyle.] Because that station is uninterrupted in times of turmoil, I found out through a spurt of Facebook postings. Score one for social media. I assumed it was scam like hitting "like" and winning a free ipad, but CNN confirmed that it was indeed not the result of a drunk college kid really froggy on May Day. 

To put it super mildly, Osama Bin Laden was an evil asshole, and its refreshing to know an an eye for an eye (or thousands) was finally accomplished, but rejoicing death reminds me that at my core- I am a pacifistic lass. [Tangent: The scenes on TV remind me of The Wizard of Oz and all the Lollipop Guild and Lullabye League members scurry out and reclaim Munchkinland.]  I hate to be Captain Wet Blanket, but life is not as cut and dry as Super Mario Brothers has led us to believe. Its not like once you beat King Koopa- you win the war. Life is more complex, those little turtle shelled bastards and leaping spiders are still around to get ya when you start to get too don't let the blaring Lee Greenwood deafen you. 
 I am ridiculously proud of my country, but am still sad that one of my best friends is leaving for Afghanistan for her second tour of duty to go fight in a week or so. The first thing I did was text her and asked if this news meant she got to stay home where its safe. Her reply, "I wish."

OK, as I kick my soapbox under my desk, I will try to end on an optimistic note.  I enjoy a good inappropriate joke as much as the next person and despite feeling uneasy,  some observations from the interwebs are absolutely worth passing on.  I am boycotting any status/tweet that was somehow linked to Team America: World Police, quoted a Toby Keith song or gave Donald Trump anymore attention/airtime.

"I really hope bin laden didn't get reincarnated as one of Mariah Carey's babies."

"Now somebody HAS to find Carmen San Diego."

"Best part of twitter when things like this happen are people who don't know it happened yet and tweet 'so crazy at the club right now!'shit."

"I wish killing Osama would put an end to teenagers in Brooklyn shouting at Muslim men on the subway & calling them "Osama!", but it won't."

"I think it's safe to say that Obama just bumped that ass munch Hamilton off the 10 dollar bill."

"I predict that Osama’s picture will get little more than a smattering of tepid applause on the next Emmy “In Memoriam” reel."

"Please note: I sent my "dog's doodies r cold" tweet before I heard about Osama. (& this one after.)"

"The Guinness world record holder for hide and seek died today."

"Y'all, remember when William and Kate got married?"

"My fellow Americans, I am proud to -- hold on. What? (...long pause) Really? (*sigh*) Cat Stevens leaves behind a legacy of song..." 


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  2. Sorry, Mister President, your Terrorist is in Another Castle.


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