Monday, June 13, 2011

get in shape, girl!

Blog comments, to me, are the best thing about maintaining this blog [Tangent: Coming in a close second: search terms. I mean, someone found this blog by googling "Avant Garde Catsuits" the other day. How amazing is that?!?!?] Nine times outta ten, they make me smile. This one, posted by my sister in randomness, Rae, after reading this blog about my favorite used bookstore inspired me to write today:

"also, i own all the sweatin' to the oldies, ON DVD. and i paid full price. because i LOVE THEM. it also came with a fake talk show about self esteem. have you seen richard's reach for fitness video? it's for the handicapable. crystal and I tried to do it once and it was TOO HARD. it was embarrassing."
happy crippled folk- for the win!

This single comment led me on a 30 minute internet quest to find some footage from this video...because I felt it would be ridiculous and something I needed in my life. [Tangent: I am not saying the handicappeds don't need fitness, because lord knows I am outta shape as hell and have heaps of atrophied cuddly muscle to prove it...but for some reason I just knew that there was gonna be overly PC or be completely inspirational and  Wind Beneath My Wings vibe about it (and yes I secretly hope that link is gonna up my readership among enthusiasts of "Avant Garde Catsuits") After youtubing every single search term that I could fathom, I still came up short of a short shorted flamboyant gay prancing around with sassy wheelchair folks.
He's gay?!??!? I know you are shocked!

Just because I didn't find any of the footage from this video series doesn't mean I came up completely without cutting edge wheelchair people workout information:

And for those of you unlucky ambulatory individuals, you can always do this to break a sweat [Tangent: Is it wrong I want this to be my ringback tone?]:


I thrive on comments, so what do you think?

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