Tuesday, June 14, 2011


yep...that's about how it goes.
For about a month I have been in cahoots with a lovely ginger fella who treats me sweetly and who digs me a great deal. I refer to him as Jamie or my boyfriend.  This led me to do something I always vowed was dumb...I am now facebook official in my relationship.  I have long considered this update the kiss of death for a relationship in its fledging stages, given that you get 25 "likes" when you announce it. Then if you break up, though it may be amicable, it becomes a huge festival of frowny face emoticons and half hearted "you could do betters" all over your comment thread. I didn't want to deal with that, however, my lovely new boyfriend informed me he was gonna make it official when he set up his facebook this week [Tangent: No, he doesn't have a facebook account. I know...its appalling...and no he's not in his mid 80s or Amish.  Apparently he has yet to join the new millenium of passive communication...and I had to change that because I didn't want people thinking my fella was imaginary.] Since he was going to go all loud and proud about his lady, I felt I needed to beat him to it...mostly because I am ultra competitive and wanted to be FBO first.

I need to start specifying when I say "FBO"

The whole concept of "being FBO" got me thinking that it has now become a crucial step in relationships. I kid you not, many intellectual people have been asking me for weeks if we had "made it official on facebook."  The whole thing is lame...but now apparently so am I. But at least I am lame and happy.
Here some emo weebles explain the importance of it all.


  1. it's not lame, and neither are you. well, not metaphorically anyway.

  2. aaand years later, I read this and think, "Oh my gosh, Beth, that's a bold statement."


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