Friday, June 24, 2011

hot coco.

conan made of cheetos. yep. that happened...and its incredible.
Its another hoppin' Friday night in Kimmieland.  After debating between Avatar and Ferngully which are concurrently airing on cable despite being the same film,  I instead opted to clean off my DVR. [Tangent: I am officially the coolest girl on the planet...I am waiting for my trophy in the mail.] Right now I am screening some Conans from last week because I am apparently 78, and I'm incapable of watching late night television in its normal time slot.

I am thoroughly jazzed because I found out yesterday that this little gem of documentary is being released at our local hipstery artsy fartsy theater The Belcourt, and I couldn't be more thrilled:

The documentary follows Conan on his 32 city tour after being banned from television and royally dicked over by super douche Jay Leno last year.  Because I am a bit obsessed with Mr. O'Brien, its a little shocking I have never used this blog as a forum to express this devotion. [Tangent: I regularly make allusions to Conan bits and usually get a cold stare, but I will my friendship with one of my favorite people, Alicia, hinges on her recognizing a vintage Coco reference from the below skit. This one skit has forever caused me to often say the word "inappropriate" with a cockney accent and she picked up on it. Thanks Conan for forging a friendship.]

Due to my superfandom and because he is slightly indebted to O'Brien for forming my soft spot for carrot topped gents, my ginger preordered our tickets today. Both of us separately waited in line last June outside Jack White's Third Man Record label for hours to see a "secret" Conan performance that is featured in the film. [Tangent: The performance wasn't really "secret" was just not announced till the day before on Facebook and Twitter. The short term notice meant everyone that had a full time 9-5 job was shit outta luck. Thankfully I was taking a half day to get my doggie neutered that day, so as is my way- I pawned that responsibility on my father so I could go see Conan and/or wait in line with the rest of the homeless people hipsters of Nashville.] Being that I didn't have a blog last June, I didn't get to write about it...but it was a fantastic day spent with some of my favorite people. We waited in hot hot heat for hours and got grossly dehydrated with a bevy of other summer scarved pretentious folks, only to have the line got cut off at capacity roughly 15 people in front of us. BURN!

I may have gotten nothing but a halfhearted "I'm sorry" for the oddly sexy and possibly undead Jack White but all in all the day sitting on 100 degree pavement wasn't wasted. I mean saw a girl pee behind a dumpster with about 200 onlookers.

Let's take a little walk down memory lane:

Were you anticipating a picture of the girl peeing behind a dumpster. NEVER! One word: Inappropriate!


  1. I love that inappropriate skit. It's amazing.

    Thank God for that Saddam Hussein.

  2. i love that inappropriate bit. another conan favorite is andy lip syncing to that "you gotta be bad, you gotta be cool, you gotta be wiser" song. it makes me laugh just to think about it.

    i thank the dark lord every day that i happened to be off on the day for the conan show. here is my post about that day. i really wish you could have gotten in! we probably could have let you get in line with us, haters be damned! we were SO MAD because this woman showed up right before it started and didn't seem to even know who conan was! and during the show she kept saying "play that funky music white boy!" over and over.

  3. I can only hope that someday, someone, somewhere. . . will sculpt my face out of Cheetos.

  4. I am aware of an invisible string attached to my special bits when Conan does his string dance.


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