Monday, June 6, 2011

mmm kay?

So yesterday, in addition to playing some heated games of Bananagrams with my favorite people,  I got to go visit my idea of a magical kingdom: McKay's Used Books. I know digging through dog eared tomes and scratched CDs for hours seems less than thrilling to some- but its my favorite thing to do. I never go without things to trade, otherwise impulsive Kimmie takes the wheel and things get a little outta hand.  I'll end up leaving with Garth Brooks double live CDs and a circa 1991 Babysitter's Club postcard book [Tangent: Oh wait, that happened yesterday even with trade in credit, but tell me that you would have the self-control not to buy that...and I will call you a liar. Especially given my 75 cent superfind: the Reality Bites Soundtrack!]
my co-pilot checking out my awesome purchase. 
In the past, I have always found some of my favorite heartfelt gifts at ye olde needle in a haystack book peddler. Among my favorites being the $1.99 Sweatin to the Oldies VHS that still sits on my friend PJ's desk at work and this treasure which I bought my brother from a Puerto Rican mother,  Turin, that still lives on in infamy.

yep...spock was a romantic.
Halfway into the trip yesterday, I decided I should have been photoblogging all my almost purchases [Tangent: Only...I was too lazy to go back get photographic evidence of everything that I had missed, and it was busy and didn't wanna seem like a creeper]:
whatever the price was for was too much.

If I saw this in a guy's car...I would run. Yes. I WOULD RUN. I would suddenly make myself walk to get outta that situation.

Beth is still angry that I didn't purchase this...and frankly so am I given my love of the chosen people.


  1. #1. Oh my god you don't know how obsessed I was with the BSC (oh yeah, I pulled out the acronym) circa 1991 (who am I kidding, circa 1991-1997). Awesome.
    #2. Totally bought that Jewtopia book on post-Hanukkah clearance as a Christmas gift for one of my Jewish friends.

  2. i have that postcard book. i actually got it in the mail because i was in this baby sitter book club where i got 3 books and some little gifts every month. i have been hoarding it for years because i 'didn't want to waste them".

    also, i own all the sweatin' to the oldies, ON DVD. and i paid full price. because i LOVE THEM. it also came with a fake talk show about self esteem. have you see richard's reach for fitness video? it's for the handicapable. crystal and I tried to do it once and it was TOO HARD. it was embarrassing.

  3. if my face in that picture doesn't say "i heart Hebrews", i don't know what does!


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