Thursday, June 30, 2011

say ukraine, say me-craine?

Last week, my good friend and fellow blogger, Amber, wrote a earth shattering expose on the steamy toilet water situation in her temporary Saudi home, or as I like to call it "The Big Sandy." [Tangent: She is coming back to Nashville at the end of the month for her school holiday, and I am quite excited. I already have 2 standing dates with her and her hubby to gorge ourselves on Cracker Barrell until we are literally sweating sweet tea. I am unsure if I could exist in a country that doesn't embrace hashbrown casserole as a a viable side item. ] Because I am fascinated by the bathroom etiquette in exotic places [Exhibit A], Amber began the blog with a simple dedication/Kimmie shout-out. Ever since this simple namedrop, I noticed my daily hits were on the rise. Suddenly weird google image searches and my facebook weren't the sources funneling people into my blog vortex...instead I was getting linked by feeder sites like these:

These screenshots may be hard to view, so I will save you some eyestrain and wrecked won't be able to read any of it. It's like reading Russian...or rather it IS reading Russian, because my top blog feeds this week have been of the Baltic persuasion. As of this week, I am a huge hit in the Ukraine. [Tangent: Is it "the Ukraine"? Is that how you say it? That's how I have always referred to it, because you say "the US"...but you don't say "the Germany. Who decides these which countries deserve articles preceding them?]

Anyway, as you can see...for some reason Amber's little reference somehow spurred lots of interest in Kimmie among Ukrainians,  which in turn made me interested in them. Advertising 1010: Know your audience. [Tangent: I am trying to somehow use my diploma...I do that occasionally. The government paid a lot for my collegiate studies. They need to know that my degree was not in vain.] I have done this before when I realized I had a surging readership in random places like Latvia [Click here] and Germany [Click here!].

Basically my only immediate association is 90s figure skating sensation Oksana Baiul. [Tangent: Although I am not the sportiest of chicks, I am a MAJOR (all caps) Olympic nerd. I get very little sleep during Olympic season and caught "the fever" at a young age. Yes, I realize this makes me seem cliche and patriotic and ridiculous, but I cannot deny that figure skating was my drug of choice as a youngin. During the heydey of figure skating I was triple sow cow deep in  the Harding/Kerrigan fiasco, so of course the front of mind reference for Ukraine is Oksana.]

I really hope this bang style is still popular there.
Beyond that, I know very little about the Ukraine. I know it's adjacent to Poland and I'm half Polish so maybe I should feel a kinship somehow to my maternal grandparent's neighbors to the East.
I also learned that not unlike myself, Ukraine (at least in its days as a republic) is a November baby and a Scorpio, like myself. High five, Ukraine on being a badass! I am assuming, not unlike myself, you as a people, embody the following: [Tangent: I mean you fit the descriptions, not that you are a maracca-playing scorpion...although that would be amazing.]:
Maybe some of you new Ukrainian readers can teach me a thing or how to do the Hopak like this:

I welcome the knowledge because as a fellow US patriot named Joe once told me, "Knowing is half the battle."

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  1. i'm not much on the Zodiac, but i must say, you are Perfectly Passionate!


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