Saturday, June 4, 2011

some people are assboles!

Nearly everyday posted around my office (affixed to the vending machine or the refrigerator or somehow enclosed in an email)  I see something that could easily be submitted to this website, I always think about snapping a pic to submit...but never do.

While getting in my car to go to work tuesday after my blissfully happy Memorial Day weekend, my father handed me this off my windshield:

Apparently it happened while I was "creatively parked" outside my friend's apartment complex in the greater Nashville area. [Tangent: Creatively parked = parked kinda diagonally between 2 regular spaces so I can let my ramp down and not scar the vehicle parked to my right. It is usually done as a last ditch effort when people with no dicernable handicap other than being overweight have jacked the last of the handicapped spaces.]

The note was not upsetting; it was more hilarious. I secretly wished he had seen me getting back in my handi-van after visiting a friend who was also disabled. We could have really gimped it up and showed this improper colon using ghostwriter who the real "assbole" is.


  1. I'm afraid that this might be my favorite blog post ever: you assbole.

  2. When you find this person's car, make sure to leave an MLA Style Handbook on their windshield. . .

  3. Very good post. I am facing some of these issues as well..

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