Monday, June 27, 2011

still the master of my domain., this happened:

 If you have read my blog, [Exhibit A and Exhibit there are more exhibits] you are familiar with my inner fatty who is destined for a TLC special. Today that chubby greasy fingered girl inside may have gone into a diabetic coma after eating a potluck treat made by my friend, Alex.  Your eyes do not deceive you...that's a lump of chocolate chip cookie dough and a full sized oreo encased in a fudge brownie. If this is not already featured on this website, then clearly someone is slacking. Needless to say, it was delicious and I wish I had another right now, maybe smothered in whipped vanilla frosting and scattered with those pretzel M&Ms I recently discovered.

Also today, this happened:

I officially renewed and re-registered this domain [] as my own, which means you will likely have to put up with my incoherent ramblings and serendipitous google images for at least another year.  I made the decision to own up and pay the $10 domain fee last year after deciding that I had likely made more questionable $10 purchases in my adult life. If you have looked through my Itunes backlog- that is apparent. [Tangent: I still stand firm that bluegrass covers of Barenaked Ladies songs was a valid need in my life at that juncture.]

Thank you friends and creepy awesome internet stumblers upon for continuing to read, comment, share and stop me when you see me and tell me you read it and don't think its terrible.  It really is sometimes the daily affirmation I need at that very moment, so keep it coming...


  1. How do I get Alex to make some of those for me?

  2. that brownie cookie thing might make my head explode if i came in contact with it. or my arteries.

  3. I don't own the Barenaked Ladies bluegrass covers, but I DO own bluegrass covers of Greenday!
    Did your friend invent those oreobrowniecookies? That looks amazing!


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