Saturday, June 11, 2011

Who drives the sin wagon?

The other evening, my good friend Ty and I were having lady bonding time. This included happy hour at a classy establishment (or Chili's) and The Hangover 2 [Tangent: My synopsis: Exactly like the first one but with more penis and a Bangkok setting. If that is your cup of celestial seasonings, Its worth the $10.50 to see Zach Galifinakis in a rice picker hat drinking fanta out of a bag.]
that image will never grow tiresome. 
Anyway en route from Chili's to the cineplex, something horrifying caught my eye. Thank God (pun intended) that Ty was there and able to snap pictures as I sped up to follow it. This was vigilant blackberry photojournalism at its best:

A gentle reminder?

satan is jacked. 
After being inundated with images of bloody JC and a ripped Lucifer, I was reminded how much I love freedom of speech and how much crazy stuff like this makes me giggle and makes me glad I grew up in the environment that I did (moral and spiritual without the crazy). Proven fact: No one has ever had a come to Jesus moment after being cut off by a guy who custom airbrushed a U-Haul with religious imagery.  I immediately imagined having this guy as an acquaintance and needing to borrow his Evalgeli-wagon to move into a new place. AWKWARD. Ty and I both rattled off what we thought he was transporting: Bibles? Sinners? Virgins? What could be inside?

I sped up to check out what kind of character drives a sin wagon. It was an older gent, and his young son was riding shotgun. The urge surged in me to steal the little boy and throw him in the back of my van (one that doesn't have the word "abortion" emblazoned on the side) He needs a chance to grow up open minded...because after all...


  1. When Pres. Obama was coming to Notre Dame to give the commencement speech a few years ago, the crazy Catholics (I'm speaking specifically of the crazy ones...) came out in full force with vans like those, strollers with bloody dolls, and even a prop plane circling campus with abortion banners. It was incredibly obnoxious.

  2. I saw a photo recently of a man dressed as a priest-he could have actually been one, who knows?-holding up a sign that says "Sorry for all the angry signs." I remember being amazed at how simple and profound that was. If you read up on Jesus, you find some interesting things. Nothing impressed him more than childlike faith [and love], and nothing was more loathe to Him than hypocrisy. I'd venture to say His feelings are pretty much the same nowadays. . .


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