Tuesday, July 5, 2011

hey jorty, it's ya birfday.

I like this motto. I think we should adopt this as a new flag.

As you know this weekend was July 4th, our nation's birthday where people eat copious hot dogs and light things on fire to celebrate independence. Appropriately enough, in the spirit of freedom of all things speechy, my blog's birthday is July 4th. I like to believe all the weekend hubbub was about me. Also, I like to think Katy Perry was singing "firework" about me, but something tells me that she wasn't. Even though I have felt "like a plastic bag, drifting through the wind, wanting to start again." [Tangent: Ok...thats not even true, but sidenote: I did learn in an interview on Sunday that Katy Perry really does want to be made into a firework when she dies. I never really liked the after-scent of fireworks. I imagine dead pop star fireworks would smell like cotton candy, though. Maybe other bubblegummy musicians need to jump aboard this train of thought.] In spite of my delusions of grandeur, I had an excellent celebratory patriotic weekend which kicked off with Jortfest... Jortstock.... Jortsapalooza.... Jortsaroo... Jortschella a big ol celebration of Jorts and all things American [Tangent: Other "American" things that were featured at the party: Springsteen music, Funyons, Ribs, grape soda, vodka/beer/limeade punch, swimming and vienna sausages.]
the most majestic image ever caught on film.

me and my fella. yes, thats a jorts cuff hipster headband and a shirt made of bandanas. no, my boyfriend doesn't hit me.

more jortsin' folks.

we keeps it classy.
So, you may be asking: why celebrate jean shorts? Well, you know when a joke goes too far. It starts out as an off the cuff remark... which leads to an inside joke...which leads to a funny idea...which leads to a flickr group with 23 members. This exact thing happened between last May and this June. At the end of last May (now synonymous with Moustache May), my friends were having a hard time coming off the high of ridiculosity that is Moustache May, so jokingly we said that we should do something equally tacky for June...like take pictures wearing Jorts everyday. It was a reoccurring joke when we would wax nostalgic about May coming to an end and the missed camaraderie of Moustache May, "Well, there's always Jorts June."

Somewhere along the line, others picked it up, flipped the idea around in their heads and thought, "huh, that's not a terrible idea." My friend Miguel took the initiative, set up a flickr group... and ballyhoo ensued, resulting in a group so magnificent that it is the #1 google search if you query "jorts june." It all kicked off with the following indelible image of Migs, a very hetero man,  walking his dog in his janties:

 ...and over the four weeks that make up the month of June, gentlemen (and  ladies) in cutoff denim made themselves look completely and unabashedly silly. All of this work for the amusement of each other. [Tangent: Unfortunately I was only a commenter on these flickr pictures. I didn't own my own true pair of jorts until July.]
formal jorts...

jorts-butes to Tobias Funke...

jorts maxin' and relaxin'...

jorts causing envy...

working out in jorts...
...and jorts doing what they do best- celebrating freedom!
I will miss you jorts june. Thanks for the memories.

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  1. It was hands down the best 2nd of July party I've ever been to!


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